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Top 7 Skills For A Successful Leader

By Shom Kostyra

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Leadership can be defined as the ability to influence others. Leadership is rather simple and is built upon basic principles. By following the 7 principals of leadership below you can become not just a great leader but a success in each and every endeavor.

  1. Skillfully motivate. It is said that the greatest human need is the need to be appreciated. If that be true, as a leader we must have a keen understanding of how to compliment our team, motivating them to perform at their fullest potential. It takes many compliments to overcome a single criticism. Rewarding our team is necessary to maintain good morale and productivity.

  2. Coaching our expectations. A great team always starts with a great leader and coach who sets their expectations at the beginning of the year and maintains high standards throughout the year. No one automatically knows what is expected of them in a new role. We must first coach them, then follow-up on their progress regularly with feedback. Inspect what you expect.

  3. Hire the best. The selection portion of the hiring process is the most important part of recruiting new teammates. During the interview process we learn vital information about the potential candidate. If they are friendly, outgoing, passionate about what they do and they have the qualifications for what you need, you are off to a great start. These qualities are almost impossible to teach.

  4. Be a great example. As a child looks up to us as a parent our teammates watch and observe our behavior intently. The team will work harder and provide better results for a leader who is perceived as fair, that doesn’t show favoritism, and disciplines bad behavior when needed. Leading by example goes a lot further than our words alone.

  5. One person can make all the difference. Remember as a leader we can cause an organization to succeed or to fail. Our attitude, demeanor, and the way we treat others will snowball throughout the organization without our knowledge many times. This can be good or bad. Your actions will decide.

  6. Practice good communication skills. Communicate through meetings, notes, e-mail, or with any means necessary to get the point or message across. Group sessions are the most productive because everyone has the opportunity to give their input. Good communication is the key to success.

  7. Learn to inspire. Make an effort each day to give a “pat on the back” for a job well done. Leave thank you cards, or buy someone a coffee for doing more than was asked of them. Create an ALLSTAR PROGRAM and give someone a star for coming to work on their day off or going out of their way to help others. A small gesture of thanks goes a long way.

Shom has been leading for years full time in corporate America and works part time in real estate in the Greenville South Carolina Real Estate Market, and the Greenville Condos Market. For more information on Greenville South Carolina please visit here.

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Article Submitted On: January 02, 2008