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Top 7 Skills Employers Look For

By Elena Forman

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The modern job market is very fast-changing and being just a hard-working is not enough. The obligation today is to possess the set of skills that are most in demand in a certain industry. The necessary skills help the recruiter keep up with economic, technological, and social forces. These are the forces that are changing the industries these days. The key is to know what these skills are and how to get them. Here is a list of top 7 valuable career skills recruiters look for in a perfect candidate.

  1. Making Sense of Big Data
    The specialists from PayScale.com have analyzed 54 million worker profiles across 350 fields from entry-level employees to top execs. As a result, they have found that making sense of bid data is the most significant skill necessary across a variety of industries. If you want to get more information about skills coverage from PayScale.com, visit their website. Nowadays people create so much data in an hour. The software development allows storing and connecting data. So it offers more personalized products and helps to target new customers. Employees, who can make sense of more complex data, organize and analyze it, tend to earn more.

  2. Managing the Financial Side
    Workers, who are not connected with finance in their daily duties, may not understand anything about it. But if you know what keeps the company in the black, you have more chances to get a boost. Many alums state they wish they had taken more financial accounting classes. As you advance, itís becoming even more important to understand how everyday decisions affect profitability. Generally, executives with this skill earn 5.5% more than their peers.

  3. Acquiring New Tech
    IT managers, coders, and other tech folks have a bigger edge when it comes to the most in-demand job skills. LinkedIn has recently conducted an analysis of the most valued skills. They have come up with the fact that 19 of the top 25 skills relay to technology. The top of the list was dominated by modern areas such as software development, online security, and cloud computing.

  4. Strategic Thinking
    Strategic planning and strategic project management are two of the 10 most valuable skills these days. Many employers state that strategic thinking means the ability to understand the business aim of a job, not just its tasks. The higher you want to climb the career ladder, the more in-demand strategic thinking is. Usually, employees with this skill earn 9.1% more than those without.

  5. Communication Skills
    No matter what industry you work in, it is essential to communicate effectively. Every employee needs to communicate with coworkers, customers, and managers online, in-person, and/or on the phone. The most important communication skills include listening, nonverbal communication, clarity, and concision. Friendliness, open-mindedness, respect, and feedback are also necessary.

  6. Teamwork
    Almost every recruiter expects employees to be team players. This skill is essential for every industry, from IT to business services to food services. Even if your job seems more suitable for an independent worker, teamwork is very useful if not obligatory. You may complete the duties alone, but you will have to be able to communicate your achievements to coworkers at the company.

  7. Leadership Skills
    Leadership skills are equally important for project leaders and office managers. They help employees positively interact with their coworkers and team members. Recruiters seek candidates with this skill even not for leadership roles, so make sure you put it on your resume.

Elena Forman, a professional resume writer and content manager of http://topresumeswriters.com/

Source: http://Top7Business.com/?expert=Elena_Forman

Article Submitted On: November 17, 2017