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Top 7 Sins of Service of "The Trilogy of 7"

By Dan Lightfritz

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EDITORS NOTE: This is the third part of a three-part series on the "Trilogy of 7", submitted to us by Dan Lightfritz. The three-part series covers marketing, sales and service strategies. Click on Dan's name above to see the other articles in this series.

The most powerful tool for success in sales is to implement "The Trilogy Of 7". Marketing, Sales, Service is the trilogy that will help you create success in sales. This trilogy has 7 strategies underlying each one. These 7 strategies are a vital component to the success of any salesperson. Learn these 7 strategies, master these 7 strategies, and commit these 7 strategies to memory. "The Trilogy Of 7" will provide the skill, you provide the effort and the end result will be unbelievable sales productivity. ironically, seven multiplied by three equals twenty-one. It takes twenty-one days to create a habit. by implementing the "trilogy of 7" for twenty-one days, a powerful yet effective and efficient habit will be created, thus paving your way to becoming a dynamic, successful salesperson. Today: the Top 7 Sins of Service.

A highly successful salesperson is someone that consistently provides exceptional customer service. "Your level of income is in direct proportion to the level of service you render to others." Listed below are the 7 sins of service. Commit these to memory, never allow any of these sins to become part of your daily activity, and you will surely render exceptional customer service.

  1. Apathy: Not caring about the customer.

  2. Brush-Off: Telling a customer, "That's not my job." Sending a customer to someone else for an answer or for service.

  3. Coldness: Being unfriendly or "matter of fact"; not smiling. Being cold says to the customer, "You're a nuisance. Don't bother me."

  4. Condescension: Talking down to a customer as if they were a child.

  5. Robotism: Being mechanical, without any warmth or caring.

  6. Rule Book: Not using common sense, just following the rules.

  7. Run-around: Not trying to get an answer. Putting them off, passing the buck.

Dan Lightfritz, Licensed Mortgage Broker/Lender located in Winter Park, Florida. Dan is a highly successful business executive with almost 20 years of experience. As a professional model, business owner and national trainer, the marketing, sales, and services strategies that he can empower you with will help you become extremely successful! He is available for training and developmental seminars. Email address , or phone 407-902-9960 or (888)301-4663

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Article Submitted On: September 17, 1999