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Top 7 Sinfully Delicious Dessert Ideas For Your Next Party

By Surabhi Joshi

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No celebration is complete without desserts. Be it a wedding reception or just a small get-together, desserts are an inevitable part of the menu to be served. However, deciding on what to serve to the sweet-toothed guests can be quite daunting. We are here to help you out with the same. Here’s a list of the best dessert ideas for your upcoming party:

  1. Doughnuts:

    Be it an 8-year-old or an adult, nobody would ever say no to a good doughnut. There’s a variety of doughnuts, you can serve to your guests like glazed, frosted, plain old cake and more.

  2. Stuffed fruits:

    Try out this dessert when you wish to serve a healthy dessert. Add a tasty stuffing in the middle of your favourite fruits and a delicious treat is ready! You can go for ice cream, gelato or ice cream and then top the dessert with a nut topping for that exaggerated delight.

  3. Cake shots:

    These are pudding cakes served in shot glasses, hence the name. This dessert is not only sinfully delicious but also looks super stylish.

  4. Whoopie pies:

    Whoopie pies are cakey sandwiches filled with frosting. You can experiment with flavors and colors so as to earn those extra points at your party.

  5. Popsicles:

    What can be a better dessert than cool ice pops for a hot summer party? You can get as creative with these icy treats as you can. Consider choosing flavors that will compliment your party’s theme like strawberry for pink or blueberry for blue, to add up the fun.

  6. Caramel apples:

    Sweet apples coated in caramel apples are gooey and extremely delicious. You can top the coated apples with chocolate sprinkles, nuts, graham crackers or candies of your choice.

  7. Sangria cupcakes:

    Surprise your guests with these classy and mouth-watering cupcakes. These gorgeous and comparatively easy to make.

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Article Submitted On: July 12, 2017