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Top 7 Simple Ways To Start Promoting Your Site For Newbies

By Marcie Ptacek

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  1. Find a site like SelfPromotion.com and spend some time promoting to search engines and directories. Take your time.

  2. Use signature lines with every E-mail. Practice until you have a brief description of your site that really describes your site and include it under your name, business name (if appropriate), e-mail address(s), and url(s). More than one E-mail address means that you can divide responses by area of interest, important if you are promoting multiple ideas.

  3. Pick E-mail that supports hyperlinks; no use going to all the trouble of including E-mail addresses and urls if it is hard for people to link to you.

  4. Use your bookmarks!!! Then, when you have quiet time, review, pick those sites that fit your budget for promotion and follow directions.

  5. Use search engines and web crawlers to find webrings or banner exchanges and, again, pick a quiet time to really read the offer to make the most of the situation for you. I am partial to mamma.com and google.com myself; it is important that you find one that you are comfortable with and that seems to fulfill your needs.

  6. Go to search engines, directories and web crawlers to find e-zines, opt-in lists that allow you to promote your site once or twice a day, at no cost. Catchy subject lines are important, so is changing the title if you are going to use the same conten for longer than a week or ten days.

  7. Go back to "the good old days" when courtesy was the norm; use the stationery that comes with your E-mail, and for those very special "thank you"s try an e-mail card shop, like AngelEyesCardShoppe, which loads very slowly, but also has the elegance of a long forgotten time. Please, thank you you're welcome are never overdone. Just because we can't see each other doesn't mean that we aren't very real and important to each other.

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