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Top 7 Simple Ways To Create More Time

By Debra Bailey

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Time always seems to escape us and although the below items may seem simple it sometimes is much more difficult to implement them. Your will find it difficult to be able to do all seven of these everyday since there is always something that pushes our time out of what we have planned. Start with one or two and work your way to all seven.

  1. Leave The Television Off
    Choose what and when to watch. Be selective, every minute you spend watching television is time that could be spent being productive.

  2. Automate
    Banks, bill paying services are effective personal and business choices available to handle some of your more time-consuming tasks.

  3. Cluster Errands
    Look at the day, the week and the month. Where can you practice clustering? Plan out your route for the day by completing errands in a cluster or on a route. Simply taking the time to plan for efficiency can create instant blocks of time.

  4. Just Say No
    Cut back on volunteering by catching your automatic "yes" response. Try phrases like: “I need to check my schedule” or “I would like to but I’ve got a special project due, maybe next time”. Give yourself time to decide if you have the time.

  5. Take yourself out of reaction-mode
    The telephone and email are often the reason we get interrupted when we work. Stay focused and let people leave messages or ignore the “ding” that comes with new email. Schedule specific times during the day to return calls or respond to emails.

  6. Take Smaller Bites
    Separate larger projects into smaller bites that can be spread out over time. This can ”free up” time and help keep projects on track. Including deadlines for each smaller piece helps you measure progress.

  7. Delegate
    Always put “aces in their places”. Not only will delegating give you more time but it will encourage team work. Take an inventory of how responsibilities are currently and revisit how responsibilities are divided.

Debra Bailey of Bailey Solutions is a successful personal concierge and consulting business in Austin, Texas http://www.baileysolutions.com
Debra is proficient in time management, mentoring leadership teams, and finding solutions.

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Article Submitted On: September 29, 2007