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Top 7 Simple Ways To Convert Visitors Into Customers

By Steve Brown

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It is a common problem for Web sites to bring in visitors without making any sales. If your Web site is like this, you can make a few simple improvements that will turn more visitors into customers. These seven points have been proven to increase the visitor to customer conversion rate:

  1. Prove You Are Genuine

    Show your visitors you are for real by providing as many contact details as you can, including phone, fax and email. Also, display photos of staff and any physical locations of your business.

  2. Catch Their Attention on the Front Page

    When your visitors first get to your site, what do they see? They should see what they are looking for. Do they want products, services or information? Consider why visitors are coming to your site in the first place.

  3. Make Purchasing Easy

    Provide links to your shopping system from every page on your Web site. You should also display prices BEFORE your visitor decides to purchase. Provide secure ordering and a user-friendly shopping system.

  4. Provide Information to Answer Any Questions

    Provide a brief description of each product or service and then link to a more detailed page dedicated specifically to that product or service. Try to answer any questions the visitor might ask.

  5. Provide Easy Methods of Contact

    Providing a contact form or message forum will allow your visitor to ask a question without having to call, fax or email you. A contact form on your Web site that sends the details to your email address is fast and easy.

  6. Respond to Contacts Quickly

    Check your email many times daily. You might even be able to catch your visitor while they are still online. If you reply quickly, they will trust you are genuine and will be surprised by your quick response.

  7. Concentrate on the Benefits to Your Visitors

    In your product or service information, remember to list the benefits to your visitors as well as the features. This way they will know your product or service solves their problem.

Today's Top7Business article was submitted by Steven Brown, owner/manager of Fouraster. For a Web site tune-up designed to turn your visitors into customers, call me today on (02) 6685 4319 and tell me about the problems you are facing with your Web site. I am also available via email on or at http://www.fouraster.com

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Article Submitted On: January 26, 2001