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Top 7 Simple Time Saving Tricks

By Rogel Dias

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This article deals with 7 time saving tricks:

- The Quickest Way I Know To Secure Your PC-Safety In 7 Easy Steps
- The Most Simple Way to Mask Your Email-address
- I Created 21052 Niche Keywords In Just Half An Hour Only Using Freeware Software And Online Functionalitie
s - Free Mail Formatting Tool
- Free Spam Checker
- Free And Very Simple Text To Html Converter -

  1. The Quickest Way I Know To Secure Your PC-Safety In 7 Easy Steps And Only Using Free Software While Not Missing The One Critical Piece Of Free Software That's Been Overlooked By Many.

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  2. We all know that spammers are looking for your email-address. You can mislead them easily in order to prevent receiving spamming emails. The most simple way to do this is by providing your email-address as a logo.

    The most easy way to do this is by going to http://www.cooltext.com and click on "logo".

    Follow the instructions and you will have a logo or picture instead of text.

    Spying software cannot detect your email-address.


  3. I'll show you by means of a Brand New Free Ebook And Step By Step Instructions How I Accomplished The Task To Create 21052 Niche Keywords In Half An Hour From Scratch.

    Can You Imagine The Possibilities For Yourself To Create Your Own Niche Keywords and not staying dependent anymore on someone else (read bying keyword lists)?

    Keywords and certainly Niche Keywords are the root of profits. Every business setup starts with the research on keywords.

    We all know that this means that we have to search for Niche Keywords and create a Huge Master Niche Keyword List as starting point for our keyword research (KEI-analysis, profitability, ...) before we even can start thinking of the creation of our website(s).

    Let's say you like to focus on Japanese Garden (and why not Gardening). In itself it's a rather broad area and not a niche. You will have too many competitors for a broad area. If you drill it down, you will obtain less competitors and that's the place where the gold is. The problem is to obtain relevant details which in themselves are "nicheable topics".

    But how to start to find them?

    As starting points I did use: Wordtracker, Overture, Yahoo, and Google Adwords.

    I started with a freeware software that's generating keywords and keyword phrases from Yahoo. Why did I take this software? Because it gives me the opportunity to dive into individual phrases and to obtain more detailed phrases.

    I took a pencil and started writing down on a sheet of paper relevant keywords.

    I took an online internet functionality to obtain more keywords stemming from Wordtracker and Overture simultaneously. I added keywords to my sheet of paper.

    Then I used the online functionality for obtaining related and lateral keywords (from Google Adwords) and also wrote them down on my sheet of paper.

    In the Ebook I mention typo's and misspelllinggs ;-) and instruct you where you can find them. I however didn't use them to build my huge Niche Keyword List (if I did I could obtain 21052 x 20 or 420104 Keywords !!).

    The next stage in the process was a little study of all the obtained keywords. In this brainstorming phase I clustered the keywords in 4 different categories.

    In my example I had:

    - first category = root (japanese, asian, ...)

    - second category = kind of garden(ing) (teahouse,zen,rock, home, ...)

    - third category = second root (garden and gardening)

    - fourth category = details (tool(s),trick(s),art(s),...)

    By the way the details are both in plural and singular form.

    In the next stage the job that has to be done is to mingle all categories with each other. So you obtain for instance: "japanese teahouse garden tool".

    Therefore I used first a freeware software to mingle all those categories of keywords with each other. And secondly I used an online functionality that does the same (but not quite the same).

    I saved my outcomes in different txt-files (because the combination of the categories was too huge for the software and I had to break it down in smaller pieces) and created one huge txt-file.

    Because of the use of the freeware software and the online "mingle functionality" I had to look after a freeware software (and that was hard to find) that could deduplicate the same keyword phrases and simultaneously delivers an alphabetical order of the obtained keywords.

    Half an hour of working (just for fun) and I got a Huge Niche Keywords List of 21052 Keywords.

    The next stage is of course to use this Master List as the Source List for another software in order to obtain the profitability of the keywords (the ebook is not explicetely dealing with this issue because it's a completely different issue although I'm suggesting different programs).

    Now that you've gotten a glimmer of the process, why shouldn't you look at it and follow the creation step by step while looking behind my back (so to speak)and seeing how You Could Do It Also. Download the Free Ebook at [http://free.hostdepartment.com/s/smartmarket/index.html]

    Just a few freeware software programs and online functionalities and you can start building your own keyword lists from scratch. You will feel the thrill while you are creating your own Niche Keywords List.

  4. If your articles aren't properly formatted before being
    submitted they have a very high chance of getting rejected.
    Formatting your articles also shows respect for the
    publishers you are submitting to. The following tool will
    not only format your articles to any line length you desire,
    but give you a total count of characters, words, and lines.
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  5. Whether you submit your articles directly to publishers or
    to article directories, you can increase the chances of them
    being picked. Every time you write an article, run it
    through the checker at http://www.lyris.com/contentchecker.
    This will check your articles for things that have a
    probability of triggering SP*M filters. Once the check is
    finished, you get a detailed report that will show you what
    you need to change.

  6. To make it simple to add your articles to your website you
    need a simple tool for converting them to HTML. Using such a
    tool will greatly reduce the time you spend getting your
    articles up on your site. You can find a free one at


  7. Occasionally you need to check the spelling of words in an application that does not include a spelling checker and you don't want to launch your word processor just for that. This is when tinySpell becomes handy. It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check the spelling of words in any Windows application. tinySpell monitors your typing on the fly and alerts you whenever it detects a misspelled word. It also checks the spelling of every word you copy to the clipboard.

    tinySpell installs itself in the system tray for easy access. It comes with an American-English dictionary containing more than 110,000 words.

    Checking your spelling is simple:

    Option 1:

    While you are typing, tinySpell monitors the text you enter and whenever it detects a misspelled word it beeps and the tinySpell icon in the system tray turns from white to yellow .

    Option 2:

    When you copy a word to the clipboard tinySpell checks its spelling immediately. Again, if the word is misspelled you hear a beep and the tinySpell icon turns to yellow. If the icon is white the word is spelled correctly.

    Correcting a misspelled word is also simple:

    When a misspelled word is detected, click the tinySpell icon or press the hot-key to pop up a list of suggested replacement words from which you can select a correction. The selected word is inserted into your document, or is copied to the clipboard (so you can paste it in your document), or both (depending on your settings).


    1.1: Words can be added to the dictionary.
    1.2: A hot-key opens the list of replacement words at the current position in the document.
    1.3: A hot-key disables/enables tinySpell.

    Download the free software at http://www.megspace.com/computers/tinyspell/

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