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Top 7 Signs That Say You Need to Remodel Your Office

By Team Crm

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Office remodeling is an expense that is usually ignored by the companies until it becomes a necessity. As a result, they end up spending more money on this vital project than they initially planned to. A smarter idea would be to ensure that you recognize the 7 signs that say you need to remodel your office and get it done with it as soon as the need crops up. If you have no idea about the signs that say you need to remodel your workplace then hereís a list that can help.

  1. Business Growth
    The first and most obvious sign that says you need to remodel a workspace is your business growth. When a business grows, it needs more people and tangible resources to keep up with the customer demands. If any space where you work is the same and you keep on adding new resources, the said space would be inefficient and would hamper the productivity of the employees. So as soon as you add resources, you should look for a space that has the capacity to adjust the new resources without cramping anyoneís personal space.

  2. Too Many Files
    In todayís technologically advanced world, the role of paper files has become somewhat superfluous. But if your organization still has stacks of paper files everywhere, itís time for you to either let go of the old records or remodel your office in such a manner that every paper file is well hidden from the view. It will certainly add to the aesthetics of your space.

  3. No Client Meetings
    If you are afraid of holding client meetings in your official cabin or cube, it is a clear sign that you donít want the client to come to your place and be unimpressed by the way you work. Your workspace should not be an embarrassment in front of the clients, it should be something you are proud to show off. After all, if you canít manage your own working space, the client may assume that you canít handle their projects as well.

  4. Not Reflecting the Brand Image
    A workplace should always be creative enough to reflect the image of your brand. As soon as a person (read stakeholder) enters your office, he or she should connect to your brand and feel content. For instance, if you are offering a cleaning service to corporate houses, your workplace should sparkle. It will ensure that the client knows that you have no scope for dust or debris.

  5. People prefer work from home
    If one or more of your employees prefer to work from home and are more productive there than at the workplace, it is a clear sign that you need to remodel the office to make it more employee friendly. Donít panic if you donít know how to make a space employee friendly as most of the contractors these days offer architectural and engineering services as well. Itís a boon for you as they will handle everything from design to execution while you focus on your business operations.

  6. The looks don't attract anyone
    When people come into your office, they should be awed by the interiors and the space management. If this is not the case then the rent you are paying for workspace or the money you had invested in the property might be as good as a waste. A good space is always the key to attracting all sorts of stakeholders, be it the money people, the clients or even the employees. So, ensure that your workplace attracts everyone by hiring the right contracting company that specializes in office remodel projects.

  7. Lack of Communication
    Finally, a sure shot sign of an unattractive workspace is the lack of communication between employees. An attractive and efficient space would let the employees and managers have seamless communication with one another. If the workspace is not efficient, a lot of time may be spent in going to each otherís office cubes and coming back from there. The higher the amount of the internal commuting an employee has to do to talk to the boss, the higher would be the amount of time wasted that could otherwise have been invested in doing productive tasks. An office space should always maintain steady communication not only between the employees and their offices but also between various departments as coordination of all the departments is vital for ensuring better client satisfaction. Wonít you agree?

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Article Submitted On: January 20, 2017