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Top 7 Shopping Cart Advantages

By J. Stephen Pope

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These are just seven of the many advantages to automating your Internet business with a cost-effective shopping cart service.

  1. Autoresponders: Not only can you broadcast e-mails to your customers, prospects, and affiliates, but you can also have unlimited, sequential, autoresponders. Run multiple mailing lists for your websites. Using a third-party autoresponder service can improve e-mail deliverability rates and can automate this vital marketing activity.

  2. Ad Tracking: Track your marketing results with unlimited ad trackers. Measure unique clicks and conversions (such as product sales and subscription signups). Perform split tests (such as whether headline A performs better than headline B).

  3. Affiliate Programs: Administer unlimited affiliate programs. If you wish, you can personally approve only the applicants you want. Alternatively, you can allow all affiliate applicants to be preapproved so as to more fully automate the affiliate application process. Choose between one-tier or two-tier affiliate programs. Cut special deals with joint venture partners. Use PayPal or accounting software to automate your commission payments to affiliates.

  4. Credit Card Processing: Accept credit card transactions through your shopping cart using either your merchant account or other credit card processing service. You may also optionally accept PayPal.

  5. Product Management: Collect sales taxes, create upsell and other offers, give discounts, perform real-time and other shipping calculations, and much more.

  6. Digital Downloads: Create secure download areas for your digital products using the security and disk space of the shopping cart subscription service.

  7. Customer Support: When you have a problem or don't know how to do something, you need help. As well as providing online help and tutorials, excellent customer support helps you run your online business efficiently.

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J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping clients to make maximum business profits for over twenty-five years.
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Article Submitted On: September 10, 2007