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Top 7 Seo Tips

By Vlad Paiu

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Here's an article for you people out there that like the "do it yourself" approach when it comes to SEO. Sure, you're going to get less results than a pro company, but you've still got the bucks.

  1. Do not purchase a new domain unless you have to!

    Don't expect to rank high very fast if you choose a new domain.

  2. Carefully pick your keyphrases.

    Know what your visitor look after, and take advantage of that.

  3. Make your website crawler friendly.

    No flash, javascript or session ID's.

  4. Label your internal text links and alt tags on images as descriptively as possible.

    Pick the right anchor text for your internal links.

  5. Keyword rich content.

    Write fresh and unique content.

  6. Take special care of you pages' title tags.

    Be careful on the most important meta tag of them all.

  7. Make your site link-worthy.

    Build a good image among other webmasters. This will further help you on your quality link building. One way links are what you're looking for. Reciprocal links are less valuable, but don't refuse them. Stay away of link farms.

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Article Submitted On: August 31, 2006