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Top 7 Secrets to Trade Show Success

By Patrick Bell

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In today's over-communicated society, it takes a simple message, put across in a unique way, to capture attention and get your sales message through to trade show attendees.

Exhibiting at trade shows is advertising, just like the advertising that your company places in trade magazines, journals, and newspapers. If you place an advertisement with color among those in black in white, your ad will get more attention. In the same way, the trade show display that presents live sales entertainment to introduce the company and its products is most likely to be the booth that draws the largest crowds, gains the most attention, and does the most business.

At your next show, ask people why they stop at various booths. You'll find that an attractive booth will stop some people, a pre-developed interest draw others, but a live, unique sales entertainer can stop them all.

  1. HIRE A SALES ENTERTAINER--Your booth, with a Professional Sales Entertainer, is like the color advertisement compared to the black and white ad. Any participation in a trade show is costly, but you can insure your success by using a "grabber" to make sure that the largest possible number of people will hear the benefits of doing business with your company.

  2. USE YOUR NEW MARKETING TEAM MEMBER--A good Sales Entertainer can a should become a member of your sales team, and can often be used for public relations work, in addition to the presentations given in the booth. Hire a clown in you only want attention. Hire a Professional Sales Entertainer if you want respect and results.

  3. PREPARE YOUR PROFESSIONAL SALES ENTERTAINER--You should provide your Sales Entertainer with current advertisements, catalog and sales sheets, publicity materials, sample products or photos, company background, and detailed information on your products so that he/she can speak authoritatively to your prospects.

  4. CONTESTS, LITERATURE, AND GIVEAWAYS--Your Sales Entertainer can and will blend these offerings into your contests, giveaways, and literature. This will insure that your information will not end up with the other 75% of the information that is thrown away before it is inspected. Your Sales Entertainer will provide giveaways that are both unique and memorable, making sure that your prospects see your message again and again after the show.

  5. BE THE LOUDEST ON YOUR BLOCK--Rent or invest in a good 100 watt (or more) P.A. system with high-quality speakers that will not distort, and provide your Sales Entertainer with a headset microphone that allows him/her to have complete freedom of motion.

  6. PUT YOUR PEOPLE AND PRODUCTS ON PEDESTALS--Be sure to elevate both your products and performer to a level that will insure that the first row will not be the only people that will see the show. Remember that when we were younger, we received knowledge and guidance from those that were higher up.

  7. DON'T IGNORE THE PERSONAL TOUCH--You may think that live Sales Entertainment will detract from your product. It won't! The first thing you want to do is get the prospects into your booth and win their confidence. You can do this by creating interest and making them laugh. Once you have laughter, you have trust.

Patrick Bell is a Professional Sales Entertainer based in Los Angeles. For more winning strategies and a free, no-obligation consultation, write to P.O. Box 25763, Los Angeles, CA, 90025. Or, call and leave a message at (310) 587-6656.

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Article Submitted On: August 16, 1999