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Top 7 Secrets to Selling Success

By Drew Stevens PhD

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Television is boring and I do not watch much of it, but I was viewing the news the other day when a commercial appeared for a dietary product. A celebrity spokesperson pitching a product said there are 10 vital reasons why consumers should purchase. For the last 26 seconds she discussed 10 benefits to her. Who cares! Viewing in disbelief, I thought of the selling profession and the relevance of a great play.

There is only one item that a selling professional must focus upon -- the customer. One does not do so by encouraging a focus on themselves. Too many professionals spend too much time worried about their compensation and their territory. They lose focus on the most important asset -- the client. It is disheartening that professionals have become egocentric.

  1. Preparation

    One of the most daunting things I experience when coaching sales managers are the numbers of selling professionals unfit to speak to clients. Some, not all, have little knowledge of the client, the industry, the competition and the issues. Selling professionals simply cannot engage in meaningful, value-driven dialogue if there is no understanding of the clientís issues. It is imperative to read the press, conduct some research, view the website -- anything you can to better understand whom you are speaking with.

  2. Stop Feature Selling

    Prospective customers are only concerned about what the product or service will do for them. Focus on value, not on features. No one buys features.

  3. Emotion makes the sale

    Customers make a purchase because of the emotion evoked with the use of the product. Consumers never make rational decisions. The best selling professionals evoke emotion so the customer buys.

  4. Conversation

    The best selling professionals understand how to engage in conversation. Yet all questions and comments should focus on the value to the prospective client. Good selling professionals provoke questions that engage the customerís pride, passion, purpose and painlessness. In fact, the better the questions the more engaged the customer, thus creating more listening for the selling professional.

  5. Focus

    Some selling professionals are anxious to make a sale. In doing so, they are focused on the future and not the present. Professionals must avoid distractions such as cellular phones, email, etc. and live in the moment to maintain energy, direction and speed on the client issues.

  6. Stop Closing

    Too many selling professionals spend more time attempting to close business rather than create relationships. People buy from those they know and those they trust. Closing techniques only annoy and frustrate. If you want business, make friends first.

  7. Education

    The best selling professionals do not educate they inform. When you teach a prospective client, they run to competitors. Ensure success by asking questions to understand client needs rather than educate them.

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Article Submitted On: March 05, 2009