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Top 7 Secrets to Get More for Your Money in the New Economy

By Bambang Haryanto

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How many people do you know that have large salaries, big houses, fancy cars, yet are up to their ears in debt, have no idea how to save, nor do they know how to shop? I bet it’s quite a lot.

The average person has no real idea how to manage their money. It goes in one hand and out the other before they have a chance to save it. This is the major problem facing consumers today. If they could only look back on all the money they have wasted over the years and had invested it, they would have had a large nest egg that could have provided the means for a better retirement, schooling for their children, and/or money for a down payment on a house.

In the new economy, there are now seven ways that you need to understand in order to get more out of your money.

  1. It’s not how much you make but how much you keep.

    This may be the most important phrase in your financial education. You’ve probably heard this phrase but never paid any attention to it.

  2. Have an emergency fund available to you in case you need it.

    Saving money is not just about saving on everything you buy. Not in the least. Saving money is about making sure you have a nest egg you can fall back on. Saving money can help you fund that nest egg.

  3. Learn how to shop for less while still getting full value.

    The easiest way to fund any type of investment is to use money readily available. But where is that money. And how do we find it?

    For the savvy shopper, they know secrets most of us have never tried when it comes to saving bundles of money. They know how to shop, when to shop, and where to shop. They make full use of techniques that can double, even triple their savings day to day, week to week, and to month.

  4. Knowing how to do the proper research to save time and money.

    To save time and money when shopping you need to do the research before you shop. And the best way to accomplish this is through the internet.

    The internet is a shopper’s best friend. But this is a concept that seems to go over the most consumers’ head. As a shopper, we want the item now. No need to compare prices or go running around. We want the item in our hands ready to use.

    The idea of looking for a bargain is foreign to most people because of the time and work involved. If you are going to spend money, you should get full value for that item. That goes without saying yet many people are too lazy or just don’t want to commit themselves to saving money.

  5. Setting up a proper budget and sticking to it.

    You may believe that you have a budget set up but it is way too flexible and it is governed by your emotions and not your wallet. In this economy, it is vital that you get a handle on your money, whether it is debt or investments. You need to be smart whenever you spend money.

    As the world’s events continue to unfold at disastrous pace, we all need to handle money in a different and more economical fashion. That is why you need to know where every penny is going and where you can improve savings. If you want to become wealthy, you need to pay yourself first. This means when you get paid, put a portion away as an investment. You are guaranteeing that you will have money, and the best part is, you are not allowing yourself to overspend.

  6. Learning when, where, and how to take advantage of opportunities that can help you save money.

    How many times has an opportunity come into your life and you were frozen in fear not knowing how it would turn out or if it was right for you? The world’s wealthiest people learned very early in life that there are risks involved where money is concerned, and if you want to build wealth, you must be willing to take those risks.

    For many of us, these risks seem too great to take the leap of faith required to build lasting wealth. Many of the very wealthy took those leap and profited handsomely but they also made mistakes. That’s all a part of learning. It is through that learning process that we gain the knowledge to make intelligent and informed decisions.

  7. Change your attitude and you will solve your financial problems.

    Your attitude towards money has a lot to do with how you physically handle your money as well as how you handle your finances overall.

    How we were brought up in regards to money shapes our attitudes when we become adults.

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Article Submitted On: June 21, 2009