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Top 7 Secrets Of Becoming A Great Manager

By Wm. G. Seavey

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  1. To be a GREAT manager one must be a manager of self-first. Remember that those who are under your supervision are the backbone of your company. Treat them with respect and dignity. The Law of Mutual Exchange demands that you do. When you pick up one end of the stick, you get the end opposite also.

  2. To be a GREAT manager one must first be a student. Learn from those under your supervision. No man is an island unto himself. Realize that every employee is a never ending, vast supply of human potential. Tap the supply while opportunity is ripe.

  3. Every human being is a diamond in the rough waiting to be brought to full brilliance. As a GREAT manager, you must help to develop every facet until the whole person emerges.

  4. Every person is a unique individual. Find that uniqueness and tap into it. Develop it to its full potential.

  5. To be a GREAT manager, your first priority is to be a GREAT teacher.

  6. A GREAT manager is one who others will want to follow. Not because he is their manager, but because of what he stands for.

  7. To be a GREAT manager you must remember that no foundation is any stronger than the philosophy of its builder.

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Article Submitted On: August 25, 1998