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Top 7 Secret Highly-Guarded Tactics To Close Every Sale

By John Di Lemme

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  1. Simply lose the always be closing mindset and live with the mindset of always be "opening relationships for the long term"

  2. Never Prejudge, You just never know who will be your next huge sale, therefore never prejudge anyone. Let them tell you yes or no.

  3. You must imagine you have ears like the size of dumbo, always outlisten your prospect and they will close themselves!

  4. Attend every sales presentation already with the sale approved in your mind, a sales person without a strong belief along with rock solid vision will fail.

  5. Offensively handle every objection--go for it, learn to love it when someone tells you no. Sell offensivley vs. trying to close defensively.

  6. Always be early for all your appointments, this gives you the edge in the game of sales. This alone will increase your closing ration 25%.

  7. Just go for it, Find out the record in your area and set a goal to simply break it!

    As I say,
    You must be absolutely clear about your goal and be relentless in your pursuit of Your "WHY!"

John has achieved success as an author, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. This Million Dollar producer now teaches and coaches others about the inside secrets on how to truly build a Million-dollar business. The bottom line is that the Top 7 Secret Highly Guarded Tactics to Close every Sale could earn you millions in sales, I did and continue to each day.

John Di Lemme

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Article Submitted On: June 25, 2004