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Top 7 Sales Strategies of "The Trilogy of 7"

By Dan Lightfritz

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EDITORS NOTE: This is the second part of a three-part series on the "Trilogy of 7", submitted to us by Dan Lightfritz. The three- part series covers marketing, sales and service strategies. To see the other articles in this series, click on Dan's name above.

The most powerful tool for success in sales is to implement "The Trilogy Of 7". Marketing, Sales, Service is the trilogy that will help you create success in sales. This trilogy has 7 strategies underlying each one. These 7 strategies are a vital component to the success of any salesperson. Learn these 7 strategies, master these 7 strategies, and commit these 7 strategies to memory. "The Trilogy Of 7" will provide the skill, you provide the effort and the end result will be unbelievable sales productivity. ironically, seven multiplied by three equals twenty-one. It takes twenty-one days to create a habit. by implementing the "trilogy of 7" for twenty-one days, a powerful yet effective and efficient habit will be created, thus paving your way to becoming a dynamic, successful salesperson. Today, the Top 7 Strategies underlying sales.

  1. Attitude: Highly successful salespeople have a bulletproof attitude. They accept responsibility for their career, their income and their production. A positive attitude will pave your way to success. Do YOU have the proper attitude? YOU have to continually evaluate yourself
    because YOU are the most important part of any sales presentation, not your prospective customer. YOU, with your knowledge, power to persuade and enthusiasm can turn all of the prospective customer's doubts and fears into dust. YOU can make anyone glad that they chose your organization to do business with and glad they met YOU.

  2. Presentation Skills: The single most important aspect of your sales presentation is to MAKE A FRIEND of your prospective customer. Highly successful salespeople understand that your potential customer will ultimately be buying you. They will trust you to help them solve their problems. They will believe you when you tell them about your organization. You have given them hope for the future. This person has purchased you and your promise for their future goal. MAKE A FRIEND. Here is another saying, one in which you need to commit to memory:

    In order to win a man/woman to your cause, you must first make a friend!

  3. Four Parts To a Sale: A.I.D.A. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Attention is obtained by your appearance and upbeat positive attitude. A warm greeting and handshake, and the information you give during the presentation. Interest is developed by a highly successful salesperson by
    asking very specific questions. This makes the prospective customer think about their present situation and how it came to be the way it is. This is done by completing a detailed need analysis or assessment of your prospective customer. The desire is created by a highly successful salesperson simply by providing logical solutions that match their
    prospective customers needs and by explaining all of the benefits of their organization. Once we have obtained the prospective customer's attention, develop the interest and ignited the desire to solve their problems. The final step is the call to action: closing the sale.

  4. Qualifications: 15% of sales are lost because a salesperson is not qualified or prepared properly for the game of sales. One question you need to ask yourself: How deep is my personal library of sales material? Sales is a learned career! In order to learn how to do something, better yourself at it and master it or become an expert at it. You must educate
    yourself on the career you have chosen: Sales! Education is motivation, motivation is not education. Enough said!

  5. Overcoming the Six Objection Doors: In almost any aspect of sales, regardless of what product or service you are selling, the highly successful salesperson understands that there are only six objection doors in any presentation and they know how to overcome and close ALL of the objection doors. The six objection are Money, Boss, Time, Think about it, Shop around and Commitment. That's it, it's that simple. Develop the phraseology and the system necessary to overcome and close these six objection doors and you will definitely be a highly successful salesperson.

  6. Closing: 85% of sales are lost because the salesperson doesn't "ask" for the order! A highly successful salesperson understands that until he/she must "ask" the prospective customer for the order. It is not until you ASK for the order that you become a true salesperson. If you are in the
    habit of not asking for an order, or always agreeing to let the prospective customer think about it, then you are simply an overpaid conversationalist, or at best, a tourist because the only thing you did was to visit their office. Some of the simplest, most popular and most powerful winning closing techniques are the assumption close, the order sheet close, the relevant story close and/or the puppy-dog close. If
    you're asking yourself or saying to yourself, what is a closing technique, maybe you should make a career change.

  7. Sales Cycle: A highly successful salesperson has a pre-determined process prior to going on a sales call. The predetermined process is called a "Sales Cycle" and it is composed of five steps: Warm-up, Company story, Needs analysis, Close the sale and Warm down. The most important section of the Sales Cycle is obviously the Needs analysis. At least 80% of a highly successful salespersons time is spent on the need analysis. Open-ended questions are frequently and thoroughly used as well. If you ever get confused or lost while completing a needs analysis on a company, just ask questions that begin with who, what, where, why or how. This will put you back on track and position you to go for the "Close" of the sale.

Dan Lightfritz, Licensed Mortgage Broker/Lender located in Winter Park, Florida. Dan is a highly successful business executive with almost 20 years of experience. As a professional model, business owner and national trainer, the marketing, sales, and services strategies that he can empower you with will help you become extremely successful! He is available for training and developmental seminars. Email address , or phone 407-902-9960 or (888)301-4663

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Article Submitted On: September 16, 1999