Top 7 Rules of Salon and Spa Marketing

By Belinda Meyer

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Salon and Spa Marketing is all about looks and fashion. Clients are happy to invest in longevity. Trendy is fun, but a classic is forever. Longevity is a classic which will never go out of fashion. Position your message to appeal to your client’s real need.

  1. Know who you are.

    Are you the Eyebrow expert one day, the queen of waxing next month, with a looming body glow promotion?

  2. Decide on your Message.

    Stick with it. Have a specific strategy. Write it down. Make it appealing.

  3. Know your Clients.

    Are they young, trendy, conservative, educated, well-groomed? Match your message to your audience.

  4. Do you have a deadline?

    When you dangle a carrot, a deadline can get potential clients to take action or risk losing your special deal.

  5. Choose your words carefully.

    Get them thinking, ask a question, offer a bonus, use provocative language, an interesting idea, or report something new. Your aim is to get them to notice your marketing efforts.

  6. It’s okay to brag (…a little).

    If you have top staff, awards and credentials, it makes sense to tell everyone. Prestige creates curiosity and interest. Crank up some praise with the following words and phrases:

    • Back by popular demand
    • Best-selling
    • Our clients love this new technique
    • Gold-standard Facial
    • If they mess us your hair, we will fix it.

  7. Take them Forward.

    Close the deal by helping your potential client look into the future.

    • Imagine how great it will be loose the cover-up foundation. Your friends will be envious of your flawless complexion. You will look younger.
    • This modern style and fabulous color will suit your face. Can you see how it will take years off your face?

Belinda Meyer writes for the Salon & Spa industry. She offers helpful information relating to Beauty Therapy, Spa treatments, Skin care and more. Want to learn more? Visit http://www.salonprofit.net.

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Article Submitted On: November 16, 2010