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Top 7 Rules of Highly Effective Email Messages

By WebProfit Source

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  1. DO use a "close" in every email. You need to tell the prospect what to do; call 1-800-123-4567, order today, respond by next Friday. There was a reason you sent the email in the first place, so why leave the reader scratching his head, wondering. This may sound elementary. But if you want to increase your sales, you have to tell the prospect what to do next, even in email messages.

  2. DO not put your prospects to sleep. Put some "life" into your words. Use action words. Write in short sentences. Try to avoid long paragraphs. Limit your lines to more that 65 characters. Write as if you are talking to a friend.

  3. DO NOT send an E-mail to your mailing list using the CC field. If you do... be prepared to get flamed, not by one person, but the entire list. You also run the risk subscribers asking to be removed from your list. Use the BCC field to insert your list and use one of your other email addresses in the TO field.

  4. DO include your email address in your outgoing list. If you receive it, chances are that everyone else did also. Otherwise, you will have no assurance that the email was successfully delivered.

  5. DO NOT us the CAPS LOCK key. Use caps as they are being used here, to highlight or emphasize a point. Trying to read all caps puts unnecessary strain on the eyes and raises most people's blood pressure. Neither of which you want to do if you have any thoughts of trying to sell your product or service to the reader.

  6. DO use a subject line. First of all, it is rude and inconsiderate. Secondly, you are missing out on key marketing tactic. The subject line is the attention getter for your ad. It can mean the difference between whether your email is opened or not. Take advantage of this opportunity and lay down the most benefit laden subject line that you can come up with.

  7. DO reply to REMOVES immediately. It is not healthy for your business to keep subscribers on your list who do not want to be there. They can make life miserable between you and your ISP. If someone asks to be removed, and you don't have their address on your mailing list, let them know. Simply email them back, asking for other email addresses that might be the correct one. They will gladly cooperate, so that they can get off your list. Let them go!

    When used effectively, E-mail is a great marketing tool if you follow these simple rules.

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DISCLAIMER: The above article does not condone spamming, nor does this list owner, and the article should be interpreted as giving advice based on your 'opt-in' list, which is a list that folks ask to be on, vs. a spam list, where you force folks onto your list against their will...which is a no no. :)

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Article Submitted On: February 16, 1999