Top 7 Rules Of Web Banner Ad Success

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. Before paying cash for banner ads, find out if you can trade or barter your services or products in exchange for the ads. If you also have a site worth advertising on, find out if you can trade banner ads for banner ads. Bottom line: First step is to find non cash spending ways to get your banner ad out.

  2. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate your banner ad rates. Remember that only 7% of all sites (IMHO) are actually SOLD OUT, and the other remaining sites are NOT sold out, which means you can buy at a discount. To get your discount, ask the website owner this questions, "What level is your site sold out? or is it sold out? Has it ever been sold out?" These are questions that make many website owners squirming....and some will lower their price.

  3. Animated banners often outpull non animated banners 4 to 1.

  4. Your offer must be clear and compelling, and will be a crucial determining factor for your banner ad campaign success. Test your headlines. Experiment with the word "Free" in your banner. Use "Limited Time Offer" or something that suggests you must act now.

  5. Your banner ad should be graphically/visually compelling, carry on your current marketing colors and theme, be under 15k to 20k in size for fast loading, and have ALT-TEXT included for folks who have graphics shut off in their browser.

  6. Expect average response of 1% to 10-15% on a good campaign ONLY. Make sure the website you are advertising gives you a real time login if you don't have one yourself, to track the effectiveness of your banner ad campaign (via clickthrough rate & # of displays per day) before it's too late to make changes or correct a failing banner ad promo.

  7. Ways To Increase Click Through Rate by at least 15%: Have a 'Call To Action' in the banner, pose a question, have an outrageous offer or graphic, add a picture of a female, having an incomplete thought, banner on top and bottom of the web page, and/or make your banner ad bigger than life so that it barely fits in the allowed space.


    • You must TARGET your banner ad to be viewed on websites ONLY where you have determined that your target audience visits. General banner ads on general sites will usually have a very low success rate.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: September 16, 1998