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Top 7 Rules For Email List Owners To Follow

By Brian Grulke

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Here are seven crucial rules for email list owners to follow when dealing with their own lists as well as their list members.

  1. You should always respond to personal requests within 24 to 36 hours.

  2. You should never allow for spam or spam anybody else's list.

  3. You should always act courteously and communicate in a positive manner when dealing with your list members and other list's members. Be respectful in all instances of communication.

  4. You should always check the spelling and grammar of your list and the content therein.

  5. You should frequently provide maintenance and do check-ups to your list to make sure it is fully functional and easy to operate, including any automated prompts or messages it is responsible for sending out.

  6. Always promote your site as much as possible, whether it's on your own list(s) or not. Just make sure the promotion is on a list that is appropriate.

  7. When circumstances permit, reprimand list members who are out of line, but only in private. Always be professional.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Brian_Grulke

Article Submitted On: January 12, 2000