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Top 7 Reasons to Use a Paper Shredder

By Corey Duncan

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A paper shredder is more than a capital expense. It is an investment in your business that provides not only a measure of insurance, but also a peace of mind. Here are the top 7 reasons to purchase a quality crosscut paper shredder for your business today.

  1. Business theft- Every business has intellectual capital in the form of sales lists, vendor data, sales data and customer information. Shredding your documents can keep your most important business documents out of the hands of your competition.

  2. Identity Theft and Fraud - There are many individuals out there that prey on businesses by stealing vital information and using it to buy products under a false name or false business name. Your vital records can provide the information that a thief needs commit fraud and cause your business harm.

  3. Dumpster Divers - Some unscrupulous individuals go through trash cans and dumpsters looking for information with which to commit fraud. A paper shredder makes their job unfruitful.

  4. Federal Laws - The FTC Disposal Rule has made it clear that businesses and individuals that fail to destroy their private consumer information will be subject to fines and legal action. A crosscut paper shredder or incineration are two recommended options for destruction. Most business owners do not have access to an incinerator, which makes a shredder the natural choice.

  5. State and Local Laws - Most state laws address the proper disposal of consumer information, and just as with the federal laws, require that proper disposal methods must be followed or fines can be levied.

  6. Time - Any business that finds itself in violation of proper disposal laws must prepare itself to commit vast amounts of time to correct the problem. Identity theft can cause individuals hundreds of hours to correct and any business that causes this type of problems for individuals can expect similar problems.

  7. Price - With the large increase in focus on identity theft and fraud as well as the new FTC Disposal Rule passed in the summer of 2005, the sales of crosscut paper shredders has increased dramatically. This increase has made shredders very affordable for not only businesses, but also home offices.

Corey Duncan is the owner of Office and Home Paper Shredders - a great resource of information on crosscut paper shredders.

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Article Submitted On: December 05, 2005