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Top 7 Reasons to Use Articles to Market Your Business

By Biana Babinsky

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Everyone knows what an article is, but how does an article help you promote your business? Here are seven reasons to write articles and use them to promote your business and get more clients online:

  1. Promote Your Expertise Online. Writing articles really helps to further establish your expertise online. One thing that all experts have in common is that they have written something articles, books, reports, etc. Writing articles is your first step to becoming a well-known expert in your field.

  2. Get More Newsletter Subscribers. To increase the number of your newsletter subscribers, use the Resource Box of your articles to drive more traffic to your newsletter subscription page.

  3. Reach More Potential Customers. When you submit your articles to article directories, they may be re-printed by other business owners in their blogs, newsletters and web sites. Many people will see your articles, thus, exposing you and your business to more potential customers.

  4. Get More One-Way Links to Your Web Site. Since the Resource Box that is attached to your articles contains links back to your web site, you will gain many one-way links back to your web site when your article is re-printed. Now people who read your articles will be able to follow these links to your web site.

  5. Get Better Search Engine Rankings. One-way links to your web site are great for improving search engines rankings and getting more search engine traffic. Since search engines put more weight on one-way links, than on reciprocal links, getting one-way links with your articles will help you with your search engine strategies.

  6. Reach Out to More Segments of Your Target Market. As your articles are re-printed on different blogs and web sites, you are able to reach out to the segments of your target market, that you would have never been able to reach on your own. However, with other people using your articles on their blogs and web sites, you are able to reach out to these customers.

  7. Make More Money. Last, but definitely not least reason for writing articles is making money. While you will not be paid directly for writing, publishing and submitting your articles online, writing articles and promoting them online will result in more newsletter subscribers, and, ultimately, more sales in the long run for your business.

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Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Biana_Babinsky

Article Submitted On: March 20, 2006