Top 7 Reasons to Use Articles as a Promotional Strategy

By Julie Jordan Scott

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  1. Articles provide terrific exposure for your business with the additional benefit of not having to pay for advertising. If the words you write are of value to the reader, it will automatically make you more attractive.

  2. As a published author of informative articles, you create the opportunity to brand yourself as an expert. In your area of specialization you know more than the average person on the street. Leverage that fact into being a successful article writer.

  3. Writing can be a place where you have the opportunity to test new theories and ideas. Think of this as the "throwing spaghetti on the wall" theory. If you publish your articles online you will receive instant response from readers regarding whether your new theory or formula is a hit or miss.

  4. Recognition among peers is a very important step toward becoming a recognized leader in your chosen field. Publishing articles sets you apart as someone willing to put yourself on the line! Lots of people have ideas for articles, but it is the unique, empowered person who consistently takes action to get "name branding" in your chosen profession. Who would not want the additional business that celebrity status brings?

  5. When you create a powerful, well written article, continued personal growth in your profession is a natural result. You are consistently giving greater value to your readers AND to yourself as you produce higher quality pieces. One skill I have acquired is deciphering every moment of my life from a slightly unexpected perspective. I watch movies with a keen eye for a variety of messages. Reading a new book is an exercise in discernment. "What can I glean from this that would be of value to my readers?" Try this on! It builds a treasure trove of ideas!

  6. With discipline and practice, your writing will simply get better and better with time. For example, looking at my writing from a year ago I see how I have tightened my style as well as broadened it in both depth and breadth. Just as a runner becomes stronger, becoming faster and building stamina with each workout, a writer improves as well. The only way for this development to occur is to make writing an ongoing discipline: one that nurtures your soul, business, and others simultaneously.

  7. Take the perspective of "How else could I use this article to promote my business?" as well as "What can this article become?" Here is a quick brainstorm of what can be created from an article:

    1. chapter of a book
    2. session for a class
    3. coaching/consulting session
    4. beginnings of a booklet
    5. a speech
    6. an audiotape

    The sky is the limit, see what you can create in your business!

Julie Jordan Scott is a life and creativity coach who built her thriving practice through the use of writing articles as promotional tools. Visit her Web site to see the tele-classes offered to teach you the art of "Writing for Magnetic Attraction" in business and in life. Go to http://www.5passions.com to learn more about teleclasses, free classes by email, and coaching specials for your personal and business growth.

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Article Submitted On: January 18, 2001