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Top 7 Reasons to Submit Your Articles to A New Article Directory Submission Site

By Laurie Meade

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Surfing around and doing searches under "submit your article" or free content to republish" you will find hundreds of sites that you can submit your articles These sites are willing to help you grow your web traffic.

You benefit by receiving incoming links to your website. They benefit, as their website grows with good content in a variety of different categories. It is a win-win situation.

Why would you want to take the time though, to submit your articles to a site that is just starting out or has very few articles posted yet.

Here are several reasons:

  1. If you have several to submit you can become a toppublishing author at their site quickly.

    New sites, having limited numbers make it easy to climb to the top of the list fast.

  2. New article database owners are going to be promoting heavily to get their sites growing.

    They are ambitious, full of enthusiasm and excitement to watch their numbers grow, you can benefit from this fresh promotion.

  3. Google and other search engines are always looking for
    fresh, new content.

    The older sites, yes, get lots of traffic and have high page ranking. But the search engines like to find fresh new material and a link from another source will had one more inbound link in Google eyes to your sites hyperlink in your article.

  4. You may be able to get the new article submission site owners to help you get several of your articles posted. (see resource box below)

    Ambitious article directory owners are willing to go beyond and above the call of duty to help make there content grow. At least the author of this article is, she is currently offering a totally insane offer.

  5. If you submit regularly, they are likely to consider
    special joint venture promotions for you.

    They are most likely to want to reward frequent publishers and show gratitude to the authors that help their directories grow. This means, approaching you with joint venture ideas for e-books, conference calls and many other promotion ideas that may be planned in their promotional plans.

  6. You may even be able to suggest a specific category and
    have it created for your particular subject.

    As a new growing directory, they will be more willing and helpful to tailor their category choices to work with your specific article. This would be especially true, if you had already posted previous articles before approaching them with a category request.

  7. Your article is more likely to be read, because of less competition from other articles.

    While the article directory submission site is growing, granted yes, they may not get as much traffic as the big guys. But that means that the visitors that they do get, are more likely to see and READ your article. This means your article can find its way to ezines that want unique and fresh new content.

Laurie Meade is a Writer, Online Researcher and a single WAHM. She has an Associate of Arts Degree, majored in journalism in college. 3 years experience writing and promoting online websites with article writing tactics. The Administrator of articles411.com

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Article Submitted On: March 01, 2006