Top 7 Reasons to Rethink Your E-mail Newsletter

By Detra D. Davis

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There are a number of rules to follow when it comes to designing an e-mail newsletter and many creators of electronic newsletters could care less about providing their subscribers with real information. Some newsletters are all about using a product, buying this or that or joining “us” in being part of this event or that event. If you want to build subscriber trust, if you want to build a solid customer base, stop selling.

When your e-mail newsletter appears in a subscriber’s mailbox it should be anticipated and filled with useful information, recommendations, resources, real life experiences and a move to action.

Writing and publishing a newsletter by yourself or with a core group of committed comrades should not provide a stage for ranting and ragging about your competitors, or how unfair it is that your PPC campaign has lost its velocity.

The purpose for writing an e-mail newsletter is to build a relationship with the subscriber. E-mail newsletters reinforce your brand and increase the likelihood that readers will not only turn to you in a time of need, but return time and time again because you are a reliable source of information and support.

If you currently have an e-mail newsletter, take a look at the content for the following seven elements. These are all things that turn your e-mail newsletter into a worthless piece of junk filled with “spam.” Honestly, subscribers don’t want to read your sales pitch every month.

You need to re-think your e-mail newsletter if you:

  1. Fill the pages with advertisements

  2. Include only one 300 word paragraph on industry information

  3. Fill your pages with bulleted phrases and “so called” resource links

  4. Repurpose old press releases

  5. Fail to address controversial issues of interest to your subscribers

  6. Allow bad grammar and typos to take up residency all over the newsletter

  7. Refuse to allow subscribers to unsubscribe

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Article Submitted On: May 19, 2006