Top 7 Reasons to Install a Ceiling Fan in Your Home

By Naveen Mogli

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Being the most common and essential commodity of your home, ceiling fan provides several benefits for your house. With these fans houses can easily maintain room temperatures even with changing seasons. Anyone who wishes to live in a cool environment and save on electricity bills can install ceiling fans. These also help in decoration of your house interiors.

  1. Beautification
    Ceiling fans add up well to the beauty of your house. This would be far from the limited options of house decoration; the varieties of ceiling fans are now diverse and these help in beautification of the house. This would be far from limited decorating palette choices, the varieties gradually expanded by hundreds, with manufacturers creating several designs where you can get personalized paint switches.

  2. Hassle free working
    With ceiling fans, everything can be done comfortably without much hassle. From installation to operating these, everything is simple. A room where ceiling fan is installed would notice a great difference in the amount of air moved (also known as cubic feet per minute). This would create breezes that would make eight degree drop in the current temperature. Homeowners can make savings of more than 40 percent on air conditioning bills.

  3. Cut on electricity costs
    By making use of the latest introduced technologies like brushless direct current motors, these consume only about 18-33 watts of energy. This would be less than $.01 per hour, through standard electric cost use. A few of these fans also work with optic sensors and electric circuit boards adjusting the fan to operate on low or high speeds, depending on the weight of installed blades, most of these would be available with fan regulators and hand-held controls.

  4. Fitting in house
    These can be easily fitted to all types of spaces. The size of the space would just determine the size of fan that needs to be installed. For a little guidance, these measurements can be used for installation of the right fan:

    • Small Room (0-75 square feet) meaning a fan measuring 36-inch in diameter.

    • Small/Medium Room measuring (76-144 square feet) meaning a fan of 42-50 inch.

    • Medium Rooms of 144-225 sq.ft would require a fan of 52-54-inch diameter.

    • Large Rooms consuming an area of (225-400 sqft) would mean 54-72-inch diameter fan would be ideal for installation in the space.

    • Great Rooms with more than 400 sq.ft would require usage of more than a single fan with 52-72-inch diameter measurements.

  5. House lighting with ceiling fans online
    Many ceiling fans online are available with pre-installed lights that contribute well to the layered light design of the room. These also integrate the present lighting in the space, with motor technologies being up to 75% efficient compared to the older fan models. Most of the ceiling fans would get easily customized with several finishes, decorative blade options, glass selections and several lighting configurations.

  6. Ceiling fans with ACs
    If the ceiling fans remain in conjunction with air conditioners, the thermostat can be raised to a few degrees and the electricity bill can be lowered to more than 30-40%.

  7. Throughout the year usage
    Ceiling fans provide year-round functioning. During the winter months, the energy efficiency can be easily increased by operating these at low speeds. When the hot air rises, the warm air circulates downwards through the fanís winter flow.

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Article Submitted On: May 05, 2017