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Top 7 Reasons to Have Your Office Use Ergonomics & Posture Knee Chairs

By Amy Pedersen

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I have been asked many times by my customers over the years about how the posture knee office chairs can help ergonomically. With the kneeling style of chair becoming quite popular recently, employees have heard about them from friends or collegeages. Although not simple, the answer can be stated shortly in that “it helps the body take the correct position while sitting to reduce stress on the lower lumbar (back) region”. When an office seems to have an overwhelmingly large problem with back pain, knee chairs substituted for task chairs may be the answer.

  1. America is starting to see epidemic problems with back pain, carpal tunnel and various work related injuries due to all of this sitting in front of a workstation for longer periods of time.Kneeling chairs are used differently then the standard task office chair with a typical seat and back. Recommended by doctors and chiropractors alike for patients, they seem to be very popular in this generation of scientists and ergonomists.

  2. The kneeling chair models are used while sitting in position with your thighs dropped to an angle of about 60 to 70 degrees from the standard vertical. When sitting in a normal chair your posture would be more 90 degrees overall with your upper thighs 90 degrees from your lower leg and your upper torso 90 degress from your upper thighs. Making for a much more erognomic and comfortable seating experience for your back.

  3. No matter how ergonomic your office chair is, it requires some of your body weight to be supported by your shins putting a strain, however small, on your spine. When seated for long periods of time, a small strain can become a large problem eventually. Not so with the posture knee models.

  4. The designs of these chairs, wanted to correct the body’s ergonomic posture to essential “open up” the angle of the body between the thigh and spine to retain the curvature of the back and keep the body in a more slightly reclined posture. Studies show that even in the standard office chair, a person should stay or lock their chair in a slightly reclined posture to maintain this lumbar curvature.

  5. Even though the term “kneeling” is often used due to the appearance of the person when seated in a posture knee model, a person is actually still sitting and bearing of the main body weight is really not placed on the knees at all. Some doctor’s have started recommending posture knee chairs for people with certain injuries or even diseases of the backbone or knees due to the extra benefit and lumbar support this positioning enables.

  6. When seated in a posture knee chair, the body is really in a position which is between that of a person sitting or standing and keeps the curvature of the spine at a very relaxed “place” and many people seem to be trying and loving this new mode of sitting at the workstation. Beneficial to both the neck and spine, offices have found it to solve a variety of different employee problems at the office.

  7. With the demand that the computer age has put upon our body health when it comes to positioning and proper muscle and stress managment, it can be hard to remember good ergonomics. Posture knee office chairs can help you to mimick your body’s correct positioning with no tension and stress on the back and has been known to help many people to aleviate the pain experienced with back pain. This can help all workers with the demand for work done in front of a computer monitor while seated for long hours of time.

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