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Top 7 Reasons to Have Your Computers Built Locally

By Pamela Bruce

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When your business needs new computers, you might want to look beyond the big companies such as Dell, HP or Gateway and consider local vendors who assemble so-called white box computers from industry-standard parts. Ask around about local computer stores, both among your friends and business partners and on local bulletin boards. Check whether any complaints have been lodged with the BBB. Decide on a configuration and get a written estimate, then compare that with the prices asked by the national vendors. Here is why local computer stores might be a good choice for you:

  1. They are are more likely to value you as a customer. After all, you may be 1/1000th of their annual sales, rather than 1/1000,000th of the sales of a big company.

  2. They are more flexible. Do you want an Intel or AMD processor? A particular motherboard? A hard drive or DVD burner by a specific manufacturer? They can provide that, while the major brands often restrict your options.

  3. They have a low overhead. While large companies can buy components more cheaply, they also spend millions on advertising. The local store can often compete on price, particularly when you upgrade the configuration offered by the big brands to something that is actually usable.

  4. They use standard parts. Some of the big names in computers use proprietary parts, such as power supplies, that cannot be replaced with industry-standard parts. With a local computer store, you can specifiy exactly what you want to get.

  5. They don't pre-load your computer with useless software. All the trial and demo version of AOL and other programs can really clutter your computer. If your local store installs Windows, that is all that will be on your computer

  6. They have real geeks. This is meant as a compliment - while phone support for national brands often consists of people reading you scripts and trying to get you off the phone as soon as possible, small local computer stores may be run by people extremely knowledgeable about hardware.

  7. They are local. If your computer breaks down, you can simply drive it to the store, instead of having to ship it to a repair center, and then wait ... and wait ... for the manufacturer to ship it back to you.

Pamela Bruce lives in Austin, TX. She is the owner of Love Beads Unlimited and sells her hand-crafted sterling silver, Czech glass and Swarovski crystal bead jewelry on her website, where you can also download the free e-book "A Consumer's Guide to Buying Bead Jewelry Online".

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Article Submitted On: November 19, 2006