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Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Townhouse Over a Single Family Home

By Joshua Ferris

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Townhouses used to conjure up images of small, cramped spaces that were inexpensive and for many a "first home only" option. Nowadays however new townhouses rival their single family brethren in size and amenities. They have also set a new standard in community amenities with many communities offering luxurious amenities found in resorts around the world.

Read on to see seven things you should consider before buying a single family home over a townhouse.

  1. Low Maintenance Living

    One of the biggest benefits of living in a townhouse is having a homeowner's association that maintains common areas and buildings for you. You won't have to worry about mowing the lawn, not being able to get to work because the road in front of your home isn't plowed or paying for garbage separately.

    The homeowner's association covers different maintenance items in every community so be sure to check that your wish list is covered before putting in an offer.

  2. Clubhouse Amenities

    In addition to the luxury of having common space maintained for you there are the clubhouse amenities that also come with living in a townhouse community. Common amenities include a swimming pool, fitness center, playground and some type of sport like a basketball or tennis court.

    Clubhouses tend to have one large common space that can be rented by residents of the community and used to house large events like birthday parties, business meetings and more. If you entertain a lot then this type of arrangement may suit you best.

  3. Municipal Services

    Due to the size of townhouse communities, often in excess of 30 homes, townhouse communities use community or municipal services for water and sewer. This is another great aspect of townhouse living as compared with a single family home which may have a private septic and well setup.

  4. More Affordable Options

    Townhouse communities offer a range of models that vary in size and this variety can help you enjoy the same community lifestyle as buyers who purchase the most expensive homes in the community for less.

  5. Close Proximity to Everything

    Convenience is number one in the mind of townhouse buyers that commute and retirees who are downsizing but don't want to give up easy access to shopping. Most townhouse communities are within short driving distance of mass transit, grocery stores and retail shopping centers.

  6. Bigger Neighborhood

    When you live in a townhouse community you will have more neighbors to befriend and can have friends for the entire family. Community amenities like a swimming pool and playground help grow friendships further.

  7. Excellent Rental Potential

    Sometimes you may need to relocate with little time to sell and renting will become a viable option. Potential tenants are usually more open to renting a townhouse with a homeowner's association in place because it creates a near no maintenance environment for them whereas renting a single family home still comes with the responsibilities of ownership.

Joshua Ferris is an associate real estate broker in Orange County NY and specializes in both Monroe New York and Newburgh New York real estate. Be sure to visit Josh's Monroe New York real estate guide and Orange County NY Real Estate website.

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Article Submitted On: December 22, 2008