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Top 7 Reasons Why to Use WordPress

By Sonal Sinha

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Well with so many CMS on the world wide web and so many technologies in use one wonders which CMS to use for his or her own website.Well there may be several purpose for having a website and then using the cms. So first of all we always recommend clients' to know the purpose of the website. So here are a few examples:

Blogging Simple website Selling B2B website Portfolio website of artist or photographer Small time entrepreneur site Real estate site showcasing recent projects Social Networking sites Corporate websites

There can be many more several such examples. Now once you know the purpose of the site from any of the above you now think of how to have the site. Well for having a social networking website you log into sites like ning.com and have your own social networking site. Similarly for having a site for blogging or connecting to your fans, to showcase some recent works and such smaller sites there is a host of cms sites like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Well all 3 of them are free but the most easiest of them is WordPress CMS.

Now why do we think WordPress CMS is just the right platform for your small website. Here are a few reasons:

  1. WordPress CMS is very very flexible.

    It has lots and lots of plugins coming along with it and it has several free WordPress themes apart from several paid premium themes as well which have a host of options coming along with it. So you just need to choose a theme and install WordPress into your hosting which happens in 1 single click (simplescripts.com) and here you go. Start placing content on the site.

  2. WordPress CMS is very easy to use.

    This is by far the most simplest cms as far as a user goes. So you need not go on a training session for hours before using this cms. It is really simple and all tutorials are available free of cost on various websites.

  3. SEO friendly

    Well this has become the most essential criteria nowadays because just to have a website isn't enough you need to make it visible and searchable on search engines for people to visit your website. WordPress CMS is absolutely seo friendly and comes with a host of other seo friendly plugins like all in one seo which lets you edit meta tags, title tags, alt tags, description and have seo friendly urls.

  4. Plugins (Extra functionality)

    Well one of the most important criteria for sites is to be easily able to add more features to it. This is made quite possible via WordPress CMS since it has more than 10,000 plugins in its database apart from other independent developers who build plugins on a regular basis.

  5. W3C and other standards compliant

    WordPress is the only cms which comes readily with web standards met. So this is looked upon as a very positive way to get traffic and rankings on your site by google if the site is validated.

  6. Large number of developers

    Well there are a huge number of WordPress developers available in the market who are ready to do it for $8-$15 an hour and they create unusual and unique custom WordPress themes just specially on your request and install WordPress and upload the theme and give training to you so that nothing much is left for you to do.

  7. 7. Open source software

    WordPress CMS is open source and hence it can be easily edited and mould upon to suit ones requirements and hence is among the most preferred cms for developers. So what are you waiting for. All you need is hosting and then either you can hire a WordPress developer like us or can install WordPress on your own and search for a free theme and upload it and start using the website and great cms WordPress.

Sonal Sinha

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Article Submitted On: July 19, 2010