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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use RSS

By Mustafa Khundmiri

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In todayís online world of high-speed websites and giant portals, every established Internet business boasts of delivering content via RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary), a simple XML based technology allows anyone to easily share content on the web. Itís a brand new way of reaching out to your users and subscribers without the fear of getting flamed or being slammed of illegal mailing.

RSS has almost become like an important accessory for content oriented websites. No wonder it has become one of the fastest growing publishing standards on the web.

Since publishers can easily make their content syndicated through RSS and thus drive more targeted traffic to their website or blog.

Here are the top 7 reasons why your business should use RSS:

  1. Improve Search Engine Ranking - Search engines are desperately looking for content that is fresh and is updated on a regular basis. Since RSS allows you to update your content from time to time, the search engine spiders visit your site more frequently. Resulting in better ranking and more traffic from the major search engines, as well as RSS specific search engines and directories like Feedster and Syndic8.

  2. Automate Delivery of Your Content - Delivering your content manually involves many hassles and other automation methods are out dated. Whereas RSS makes your content delivery automated. You don't need to send a message like email, each time you provide an update. This makes your business almost hands free and puts the distribution of your publication on autopilot. As a result, your subscribers get freshly updated content of their choice at regular intervals. They get an ongoing, automated delivery of information from you without any chance of it getting blocked.

  3. Easily Generate New Targeted Subscribers - A lot of web users are switching to RSS feeds to receive content they like. You can establish a direct connection with your subscribers as soon as they add your feed. RSS can bring you new targeted subscribers to your website with little effort. Since most of the people today are reluctant to give out their email address (thanks to heavy spamming), RSS can act as a real savior for your businesses. What's more, your messages will never get blacklisted or filtered and will always be delivered promptly, unless and until your subscribers choose to end the relationship. Not only can RSS build a strong relationship with existing subscribers but will also help in attracting new potent subscribers who are interested in what you offer.

  4. Drive Quality Traffic From Other Websites - Syndication is the process sharing content. Therefore, RSS allows you to easily publish your content on other websites. By publishing your content on different sites you'll reap profits for a long time. You can very well reach new audiences of different interests, giving your website the ability to gain new visitors from the different corners of the web. With that, your sales also dramatically increase because of the additional targeted traffic you receive due to the extra exposure. Finally, you can achieve a higher ratio of profits and also gain recognition as an expert in your field. Since giving your business a professional recognition is important and that is exactly what happens when you start sharing your content with other similar websites.

  5. Broaden Your Marketing Horizon -When you're marketing on the Internet it's important to keep yourself updated and in the process broaden your marketing horizons. With RSS, you can explore new marketing realms. Your resellers or affiliates can promote your products very easily using RSS. Giving them complete freedom of marketing without much effort. You can also provide them with RSS feeds of articles written by you customized with their affiliate links and let them distribute them. And coming to the higher end of it, you can distribute RSS product feeds and digital catalogues just like Amazon started doing not so long ago. There's much more which you can come up with when you combine marketing with RSS. You'll actually have a chance to do something new in the over-crowded Internet marketing field.

  6. Widen Your Content Distribution - It's very important to widen the distribution of your content if you want to reach a larger number of people. And it's not so easy to experiment with your content when you're using email. RSS provides the right platform for you to try out content distribution in many ways. For example, you can now categorize your content delivery because RSS will help you widen your present distribution. You don't have to worry about publishing a monthly or a weekly publication. Syndication of your content enables you to efficiently provide daily content updates to your subscribers or as often as you want. Providing useful content to your subscribers from time to time builds a deeper relationship and a better understanding.

  7. Increase Brand Awareness - Building brand awareness on the Internet can be difficult when you have clones of your product popping up everywhere. In fact, the online competition is so cut throat that it's almost impossible to survive if you don't build a strong image. Syndicating your content through RSS helps you make an unshakable impression and get that most wanted response from your subscribers. Since, they are the ones who choose to receive updates from you, it gives you a good platform to showcase how different you are from your competitors. RSS is a technology which is soon catching up, pretty fast, so the "really" early bird gets the worm!

    There are numerous ways by which you can make your content work through RSS. You just have to choose the one which is suitable for your business and syndicate your way to success!

Mustafa Khundmiri is the co-founder of [http://www.rapidfeeds.com] - A Free online service, which helps anyone, create, edit, publish, and track RSS feeds online. Sign Up for your FREE account on his site and start publishing your own RSS feeds!

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Article Submitted On: March 06, 2006