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Top 7 Reasons Why You Will Succeed If You Buy a Franchise

By Don Daszkowski

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Are you thinking about buying a franchise but you are not sure if the idea is a good one? Here are seven good reasons to go ahead and pursue your dream of owning a successful business.

  1. Proven business:

    Opening a franchise comes with the advantage of knowing that this business has been successful in other locations. The idea and process of running this business have already been proven. Therefore the learning curve in operating the business can be virtually eliminated.

  2. Lower risk:

    Risk of failure is much lower with a franchise than starting a brand new business. There is a much higher likelihood of success if the same business has done well in other areas.

  3. Established customer base:

    The brand name that comes with the franchise is already recognizable to consumers, without the franchisee (purchaser) having to spend a lot of money and time in establishing a new brand. The brand awareness provides security and trust to the customer who expects uniform quality to be provided. Therefore a customer base is already established.

  4. Marketing:

    The franchisee can benefit from any advertising or promotion that the franchisor (owner of the franchise) does at the national or local level, without absorbing the cost. The franchisor can also provide input to the franchisee on a local marketing plan.

  5. Initial and ongoing support:

    Training and support is usually part of the deal. Since the franchise company has a vested interest in how well you do, ongoing training, system upgrades, product enhancements, and question and answer resources are provided. The franchisor offers experience to franchisee in such areas as accounting procedures, personnel and facility management, and business planning.

  6. Exclusive territory:

    Rights are exclusive for the territory, with no other franchises sold in the same area as competition.

  7. Ease of funding:

    Many times obtaining financing for a franchise is easier since the franchise name and reputation are usually recognized by the lenders. Therefore, banks are more likely to fund the franchisee.

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Article Submitted On: March 27, 2009