Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Promotional Products

By Molly Mathis

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  1. Promote goodwill Are you involved in your community? Do you exhibit at the community expos, trade shows, health fairs, community service events, i.e. health fairs, charity golf tournaments, fundraising events? If yes, you need to provide your audience and fellow exhibitors with a tangible reminder that you were there, for the good of the community as well as exposure for your company!

  2. Advertise your goods and services Going to trade shows which are relative to your industry is a given, but what about those trade shows/events/appointments that you don't consider relative to your company? Insurance companies naturally will go to home shows, auto shows, (hopefully) health fairs, but what about educational fairs, safety events, and schools? All elementary schools know that the safety issue begins with our little ones! Take a gift for the K-8 students, making the reminder for safety and health appropriate to their age. For the high school group, emphasizing car safety, anti-gang, peer pressure, smoking, drinking and drug information and reminders are a must! Take things to your local law enforcement, fire department and social service department for them to give out to the kids in the community. They will appreciate your consideration! God knows our community helpers rarely have the money to spend on goodwill tokens!

  3. Build customer loyalty Do you have customers who you want to thank for being with you for "X" amount of years, "X" number of referrals, "X" amount of items purchased from you, or money spent at your place of business? This would be a great thank you to them for helping your business to grow!

  4. Build store and trade show traffic Going to your trade shows is one thing, getting people to your booth is quite another! Have something interesting for them that they will not only hang onto, but others will see and say "Hey, where'd ya get that!?" I did a promotion for one of my customers that was not only inexpensive, but brought numerous potential clientele to their booth. We did personalized Polaroid picture frames and took Polaroid pictures (with a flash) of the folks who came to the booth. The flash brought other onlookers who wanted to get a "keepsake" that was unique and meaningful to take home, too! This was a great promotion, inexpensive and "flashy."

  5. Celebrate an anniversary or grand opening Just starting up? You'd better have some budget allowed for your opening to show people you intend to stay in their community for a while. Otherwise, not showing "good faith" to the community may keep people away. Anniversary gifts are a great way to say "Thanks for your business through the years."

  6. Thank your employees and customers for a great year You didn't get where you are all by yourself -- your employees helped, which you know well. Give them a tangible thank you gift on their anniversary or your fiscal year-end anniversary. A picnic is wonderful and fun, but something small to take home with them is a real perk! And they will remain happily loyal just for such a small gesture.

  7. Provide incentives for total quality or safety programs Have your employees kept your company injury-free? Have workmen's compensation claims and suits dropped or diminished? Your employees will strive even harder to provide a safe environment for your workers if they are rewarded for their efforts. Trust me...it really works!


    • Introduce new products Check out how well the pharmaceutical companies do this...they have their name on more things then you can imagine. Next time you go to your health care provider, take a look around the office. Do you see anything that doesn't have a sponsor's name on it? Not much, I assure you. I have found myself asking my doctor if "such and such" would be beneficial to me for whatever I am seeing him/her about. Their advertising does draw my attention. This works for all products, new or not!

    • Get your company's name and phone number or URL in front of customers and prospects Have you just gone online? Gotten a Web site? Who knows you are there? Do you do a direct mailing or have something small you can send with your billing? I have just the things to show your clients are seriously wanting to consider your Web site as a real part of your/their business with your company, where they can go to get their questions answered without having to always get someone on the phone. Do you have a troubleshooter site? Checking status site? Things like that would be realistic reasons to alert your clientele of your Web site. Send them something (even as small as a magnet) to keep close at hand for getting in touch with you when they need to without always having to go to their phone book or their bill file.

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