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Top 7 Reasons Why You Fail in the Internet Business

By Yochention Saritoh

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A lot of people have tried the Internet home businesses that are widely spread in the internet industries nowadays. In contrary, often we heard people that are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month from internet home business. Well, you might say that they are all liars in the industry, but in fact, they really do make those money! Wonders why and how they can do it, while you donít? You just keep watching from your computer or news, how this guy and that guy making millions of dollars from their computer! Itís time for you to move on! When other people know how to do it, believe in yourself that you can do it as well!

Now, you asked yourself what you did wrong in the internet home business. You have worked hard for it, and you spent hours in front of your computer trying to make your business success. Itís getting you fell frustrated about it. Everything seems so wrong, and then you started felt thatís all internet home business are nothing more than scams. You screamed out loud but nobody seems to care.

Here are top seven reasons why you fail in the internet business:

  1. The company that you join is not reliable and credible

    Make sure the company that you are working with is reliable and admitted by any credible institution such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and US Chamber of Commerce. You donít want to end up working with some junk companies that are in business for less than 5 years then disappear. It happens a lot in cyber space. People set up a fictive company with a killing web site, and then after they got your money, they just run away and disappear. So, my best advice for you is do an extensive research for the company before you decided to join their programs or network marketing

  2. Then you scream ďHello ?!Ē, and nobody answering you in the cyber space !

    Another problem occurred when you have chosen the right and perfect company to work with. You asked yourself what to do and where to start. Then you started by looking for several resources how to start your business smoothly. You bought some best seller book, went to marketing website that told you how to run the business, etc. Yet you still feel like donít know where to start. You wanted to scream once again because you have done all the internet books are saying but seems like you are lost in cyber space.

    Here, you started to realize that you need some real people to support you, not an auto-responder, not a machine! Thatís why you need to find out how is the supportís system in the network marketing you are about to join. You have to find where the supports are coming from the experts from the industry and people are eager to help each other. You absolutely need a team that supports you, not only when you started the business, but as long as you stayed in the business!

  3. Uplines is not motivated to help you

    In network marketing, the commission system is really has a strong influence how the business grows. Find a system that will motivate our uplines to help us more. For example they will get a bigger percentage of commission when the downline goes deeper.

  4. You donít have a solid team!

    When you found the team, go deeper! Try to find a solid team with a solid support. A team that can walk with you when you start doing the business, help you to convince your prospect, and pull your hand when your spirit is down. It seems not that important when you first start with a home business, because your eyes are blocked by how wonderful the program pays you, how fast you can be rich, etc. Believe me, the ďTeamĒ is important to help you success.

  5. Nobody there to train you how to start the business

    Find company that not only pays you well, but give you some training how to start the business! Other than a perfect company and good team support, you will need a step by step training that tells you how to do the business in nutshells. I know that you can get ďHow toĒ books or e-books anywhere in internet that shows you how to run an e-commerce, but how about training that are given by people that done the actual business with the company successfully? You surely need that! So, you can learn from people that are already expert with the products that the company sells!

  6. Ok, you think that youíll get rich soon without any workÖ

    After all the support you got, you still fail in the business! Most people start the internet home business with the wrong mindset! Thatís right, the mindset! They thought that after join the business, theyíll get rich instantly. Boom! In just couple days, weeks, or months! No! The internet only helps you to work more efficiently and effectively, the rest of it depends on you! You need to work and do the real job, only this time you donít need to drive. You can do it from the comfort of your home.

  7. Lack of Consistency and Persistency

    Ok, ok, now what? You might think that you have done everything, but you still failed in this business. The next one is Consistency and Persistency. Yup, you need that. If you are sure you did all the above points, you need to be consistence and persistence in doing this business. This actually is much related with oneís mindset when he/she started the business. If you think youíll get rich soon, you wonít stay long after you found out that you havenít earned a penny. But if you know that you have to work for the business and never stop to learn the internet marketing, with the right programs and companies, you will get a fortune from the cyber space like those young and rich internet youngsters.

About the Writer:

Yochention Saritoh is an internet marketer and a member of Elite Team International.
He hold a degree in master of science from California State University at Fullerton, USA..
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Article Submitted On: March 13, 2006