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Top 7 Reasons Why Web Sites Don't Work

By April Ward

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There are thousands, possibly millions of web sites on the Internet that do little (if anything) to help the small business owner. Don't make the same mistakes everyone else has. Learn the top 7 web sites mistakes that business owners make today.

  1. Lack Of Quality Content

    On a web site, content is king. He who has the most customer-focused copy wins. When customers come to your web site they are looking for quality information. Make sure your web site has the information they need to choose your business.

  2. Unprofessional Design

    Your image is an important part of your business. Your level of professionalism and dependability will be evaluated online by each visitor. Go out of your way to instill trust and confidence in everyone. Create a professional web site your customers can trust.

    In addition, take a look at your competitors' web sites and make sure your site outperforms theirs. When you show that you take your web site seriously, your customers will know that you will also take them seriously.

  3. No Online Purchasing Ability

    Don't miss another sale! Impulse buying is alive and well so make sure your site has the ability to capture each transaction.

    Technology today has made it easy for businesses to include ecommerce in their web sites, so take full advantage of what the Internet has to offer and allow your customers to purchase your products and services online.

  4. Content Is No Longer Valid

    One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is to keep your content current. To announce new information on your site, try sending an ezine to new and potential customers.

    Announcing new products and services is another way to keep your web site fresh along with new articles and press releases.

  5. No Marketing Plan

    This is one of the most important components of owning a web site. It will take time and money to market your business online. Although there are many free marketing resources out there, relying on any one FREE resource will put you on the SLOW path to success. Get on the fast track and create a marketing plan for success.

    First, do your research and determine which marketing strategies will work best for your business. This could be search engine positioning, pay-per-click advertising or even banner ads. Next, outline how much you want to spend each month to market your site. If you do not have a marketing budget…get one. Your web site will be much more successful when you determine how you will market your site online and offline.

  6. No Way To Measure What Works

    Before you implement your marketing strategy, make sure you have a means of measuring what's working and what's not. Most web hosting services provide you with a free statistical tool outlining, in detail, how many people visited your site on any given day at any given time. This allows you to track which marketing campaign was most successful so you don't waste time and money on unproductive marketing strategies.

  7. Customers Don't Come First

    As you begin to plan your new site, think about what your customers need online. You may want to conduct a short survey to find out exactly how the Internet can help you meet and exceed customer expectations.

April Ward is a freelance web design and graphic designer. She specializes in Internet marketing and small business strategies. Contact her at [http://www.aprilward.net] for a free estimate.

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Article Submitted On: September 07, 2005