Top 7 Reasons Why Table Fans Are a Necessity

By Alan Cory

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Fans have been one of the most widely cooling solutions across the world. Despite the high popularity of ACs in recent years, fans have remained the part & parcel of our day to day lives. However, the suitability of fans to a great extent depends on the type of room where they are going to be used. Table fans are widely used in homes, shops, offices and commercial establishments for cooling specific parts of a room. Here are some of the major reasons why these table fans form an inseparable part of homes, offices and commercial establishments:

  1. High level of oscillation
    Most of the table fans you would come across have a high oscillation. Due to this feature, the fan can rotate its blade in different directions at 180 degrees. Therefore, they can ensure that air is distributed in proper proportion across all parts of the room. It would, therefore, be highly suitable for ensuring presence of ample amount of cool air to make a few people present within a room feel comfortable. Some new models come with more variations. If you do not want to use the oscillation feature, you can turn it off and use the regular mode for cooling.

  2. Higher energy efficiency
    The presence of a table fan within your home will enable you to bring down your energy bills. A table fan consumes lesser power as compared to air conditioners and ceiling fans.

  3. Table fans can be used in different locations
    If you have access to an electrical extension cord, then you will be able to use a table fan across different areas such as lawns, roof tops, balconies etc. Using other types of fans in outdoor locations is virtually impossible. Therefore, they are highly valued by people looking for portable fans.

  4. Ample presence of different models
    There are table fans of various colours and sizes which are available in the market. A close look at the specifications will help you to know about their specifications. A few of these have an expandable height. It can be adjusted as per requirements.

  5. Lightweight and high portability
    Compared to other types of fans, table fans have a compact weight. Therefore, they do not require a high level of labour during the process of installation. These fans are also highly portable and therefore can be installed in any part of a room unlike wall mounted fans.

  6. Availability of better control features
    The newest models of table fans come with remote control feature. Therefore, you can easily switch from one speed mode to another. You can also switch the fan on or off using your remote.

  7. Ability to function in rooms with space limitations
    This is one of the major plus points of rechargeable table fans over other types of fans including ceiling fans. They can be used in rooms which have space limitations which make ceiling fan installation problematic. A table fan can therefore offer an adequate amount of cooling across the different parts of the room. It also requires a lesser level of maintenance as compared to other fans which are found in the market.

I love to write helpful articles about on different types of fans being launched in the market. Writing is my passion. If you have any questions about rechargeable table fans, follow the link and ask me. I'll be glad to answer.

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Article Submitted On: February 28, 2017