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Top 7 Reasons Why Smart Industrial Workers Use Safety Shoes

By Mark Batham

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Industrial workers have a very taxing daily schedule. Often, due to lack of clarity regarding existing safety norms, they suffer from serious injuries. Foot related injuries are one of the most common injuries that take place within factories. To ensure the safety of their staff, many factory owners have made it mandatory for the latter to wear safety shoes within the factory premises. Here are some of the major advantages of using safety shoes:

  1. They Protect the Feet from Flying and Falling Objects

    While factory workers carry heavy objects or are involved in the use of machinery, there are high chances of injuries caused by falling and flying objects. Steel toe safety shoes are known to be highly effective in ensuring that the wearerís feet donít crushed by any falling or flying object.

  2. Safety Shoes Offer Protection from Electronic Hazards

    Electrocution is one of the major risks that workers are exposed to within factories. In order to minimise the possibilities of such a mishap, workers need to wear shoes that are made from materials that are not conductive to electricity such as rubber or leather. Places where there are chances of a build-up of static electricity, the use of anti-static footwear needs to be used. They are highly in minimising the amount of static electricity and checking static electric sparks.

  3. Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

    Trips, slips and falls can take place at any time and cause serious injuries to the feet. People working outdoors during the rainy season are particularly vulnerable to this type of accidents. Gumboots are best suited for use in muddy areas to avoid slipping.

    The use of footwear such as Allen Cooper safety shoes with proper traction can ensure that the wearer doesnít fall on the same level in slippery surfaces. These types of shoes also ensure that people donít fall from ladders which is quite common if the shoes that they wear donít carry threads. Safety shoes that have a good fitting and are comfortable to wear enhance the userís balance thereby ensuring that no take place.

  4. Checks Fatigue

    Fatigue is a major challenge for workers who have to stand on hard surfaces throughout the day. When the muscles of their feet and other parts of the body become weary, their condition may be worsened by the lack of proper footwear. The shoes which have arch support and sufficient cushioning will make them feel more comfortable and ease the strain on muscles. This will ensure they get tired less quickly and alert about what they are doing, thereby maintaining their efficiency level.

  5. Safety from Extremes of Weather

    During the winter, workers may face injuries like hypothermia and frost bite and therefore they should not be overlooked. Working outdoors during the winter is very risky. Certain diseases such as Raynaudís Syndrome can turn fingers white due to poor blow flow. It is related to vibrations created by the use of power tools when the temperature is cold. As all footwear are not insulated or waterproof to offer protection from rain, snow and cold, buyers need to opt for shoes made from appropriate materials.

  6. Ensure that There are No Burns

    Burns from fire might take place at work, however they can also be caused by chemicals. Footwear made from durable materials are effective in checking splashes caused by chemicals and molten metals.

  7. Safety from Cuts

    Machines with moving parts like chainsaws can cause lethal damage to the feet. Wearing logging boots that are made from cut resistant metal can ensure protection from cuts by chainsaws.

The author is a blogger with deep interest in safety related topics. He has reviewed many leading brands of safety shoes and gumboots in the past.

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Article Submitted On: September 30, 2016