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Top 7 Reasons Why Safety Shoes Are Essential for Industrial Workers

By Rakesh Mishra

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Industrial environment is prone to misfortunes. Risks are present everywhere. It is the prime duty of employer to ensure the Safety of workers. When it comes to feet protection, safety shoes are the best tool. Listening to the term for the first time brings in image of large heavy steel boots, but the advanced technology of today has given rise to sophisticated and well-designed shoes for ensuring safety and enhancing operational efficiency of the workers. Prominent brands like Bata, Allen Cooper, Nova Safe, Tiger and Karam offer various varieties of these shoes. Before selecting the best product, the workplace must be properly analysed and the potential risks should be identified. They:

  1. Protecting against Falling and Flying Objects

    The industrial environment is synonymous with sophistication. A worker has to operate several machines and work in a dynamic environment. In such a case, harm from falling and flying objects is common. To ensure proper safety of their feet, steel boots can be put into use. By using them crushing Injuries can be avoided with an ease.

  2. Protection from Electrical risks

    Electrical risk is common in a workplace just the way machines are. Ignoring this hazardous factor can cause severe shocks to workers. The safety shoes used here must be made from conductive material like rubber and leather. By taking appropriate measures avoiding such risks is no more toilsome.

  3. Prevents falls and trips

    Besides opting for anti-slip floor, going for adequate footwear will prove beneficial. Shoes with right treads prevent workers from falling, tripping and slipping in the workplace. It establishes required grip on the feet motion and thereby avoids risks arising from falling and slipping.

  4. Prevent burns

    In the complex and chaotic Industrial environment, burn from chemicals and cement are common incidents. Proper measures are adopted in the workplace so as to avoid such mishaps, but by opting to suitable shoes such risk can be minimised with an ease. It acts as a coating over the feet of workers and protect them from hazardous situations.

  5. Combats Fatigue

    Workers keep working continuously. Fatigue is common. Most of the people are unaware about the significance of these shoes in this regard. Besides protecting workers’ feet from harmful situations, their soothing and comfy features render due care to the feet. Thus, workers feel less tired.

  6. Safety from cutting hazards

    The presence of sharp moreover moving machines can lead to cutting hazards. Say in case of logging. There is a need to put safety shoes in a regular manner to defeat the same.

  7. Prevents punctures

    Workers need to take proper precaution before operating in a clumsy workplace. Chances are there that some sharp objects lie on the floor area and walking barefoot cab be very harmful. Here arises the need of Safety shoes. It protects the feet of workers from punctures.

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Article Submitted On: February 19, 2017