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Top 7 Reasons Why Prophecy Must Be Understood In Order To Attract The Expected With Precision

By Ina Bliss

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What Is Prophecy?

The revelation of Highest Wisdom on a need-to-know basis, relative to the state of mind of the recipient, either in a long, drawn-out process, or in a twinkling of the eye, through an appointed individual, from whose in-born capacity it is uncovered.

Why Is Prophecy Important?

  1. It alerts the individual to divine shortcuts above human-made "law" geared to increase awareness to god-given power (s)he would otherwise overlook. (For instance, people have experienced that their regular bills vanished from the face of the earth, just because they expected it.)

  2. Prophecy must be understood in order to finally see Mount Zion, or the highest, most perfect abstract idea that supersedes all, for the person's seed to reach the potential of his/her tree's full statue (being 1 million or more "percent" of the seed). This process of spiritual overriding automatically removes a great part of hurdles on the racetrack to the prize of attracted desires (de=from; sire=Father).

  3. When prophecy is understood, the truth setting persons free enables them to have inner peace, whereby increasing inner attractiveness to all people, means and circumstances that bring about full bloom.

  4. Prophecy contains the real truth, which is opposite to what humanity currently think they "know" (need to repent, or turn 180 degrees). That truth clarifies the outlook, removes the clouds from ones mind, so that what was all long supposed to be attracted finds its way to the rightful heir.

  5. When prophecy is applied (to DO AND teach makes great in the kingdom), every one and everything a person encounters can be overcome, or superseded FROM ABOVE, thusly removing any obstacle in the way of attracting what is right(eously) expected.

  6. The New Testament, currently merely a prophecy, because its interpretation has not yet been understood and a Mystery with clues right before the eyes of the still blind, contains EVERY detail on how to attract the expected. Regardless of where the student of the script(ure) opens any chapter, A-Ha moment upon A-Ha moment will
    clarify what CAN BE expected in the first place, in order to also attract it. This turns the former extra into an Actor, who begins to understand God's PLOT parallel to history, or His Story.

  7. The "end" of prophecy is to overcome death from within. It cannot be achieved by flying deeper into outer space, or scientifically dissecting the immeasurable God into physical snapshots and parts thereof, but only through the awareness of His perfection and eternal radio-activity. Once realized, walking turns into flight - via attraction of necessary animation-power.

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Article Submitted On: November 30, 2007