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Top 7 Reasons Why Novices Are Beating You Up The Corporate Ladder

By Shamelle Perera

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I have been in the software industry for several years. One of the things that I have noticed recently is that fresh graduates are quickly rising to the top. Where as the professionals who have a few years experience fall behind. Ultimately its not how many years you have been around that matters. Its what you have accomplished during those years. This made me wonder.. what do these new comers have, that experienced older workers donít have. Here is my take on the matter.

  1. Eager to learn
    When you come into the industry the fresh graduates have to learn a lot. Once you learn your part of the job, work becomes monotones. However, the ones rise up the ladder, donít stop learning. They do research, they read and keep feeding themselves with knowledge.

  2. Adaptability to change
    While older workers are used to things the way there are, the novices adapt to change well. This makes it easy for their superiors and for most changes the superiors involve the young ones.

  3. Initiative
    They rarely wait until they are told. If there is something they can fix, they make themselves resourceful.

  4. Speak their mind
    They donít fear to speak to their superiors. If they donít agree with them, they say so with reason. They donít feel shy to input their ideas

  5. Open to criticism
    They take ďcriticismĒ as breakfast for success. They give thought to feedback and try to improve themselves future

  6. They go the extra mile.
    Sometimes they do a bit more than what is required within the given time.

  7. Attitude
    Well, I suppose all of the above could be summed up into this. They try to maintain a positive and pleasing attitude.

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Article Submitted On: January 03, 2008