Top 7 Reasons Why Marketing Via Ezines Can Bring You The Best Results

By Anthony Altis

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  1. Immediate Results!

    Getting your marketing message out any other way requires time. Sometimes several days or weeks go by before any measurable results take place.

  2. Highly Targeted!

    Where else can yougo to find and capture your prospect's attention based on his/her specific needs, wants and interests?

  3. Affordable!

    Generally speaking, a modest ad budget of $100 - $200 per month can bring in huge returns if your ad is placed in a quality ezine that relates specifically to your market.

  4. No Cost!

    If you don't have money to spend on running ezine ads, you can still get the same profitable results by contributing useable content via an original article sent to several ezine publishers.

  5. Perfect for Perfecting!

    Testing and comparing the effectiveness of your ads using ezines is simple, straightforward and completely trackable.

  6. Exclusivity!

    You can have your offer or article appear in certain ezines with complete exclusivity. Try getting this benefit from other mediums without being required to invest a small fortune.

  7. Credibility!

    Providing free professional advise, helpful tips and other informative content in your ezine article or advertisement adds credibility to you, your company and your offer.

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Article Submitted On: April 19, 2000