Top 7 Reasons Why It Pays To Think Big & How To Think Bigger

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. Your personal amount of wealth, is in direct proportion to how big you can think.

  2. Do not limit yourself to what is possible by what you see around you. If you'll accept that all things that were created into physical form, first started out in the mind of man (as in mankind), then isn't it a bit neurotic to think that our future will only be based on what we see in the present? not.

  3. Ask yourself this question: What is currently impossible, that if it were possible, would create unlimited possibility for me and my business?

  4. Be willing to be in pain and failure. I've screwed up more than anyone I know, and its in failure, that creates great success. It's in repeated failure that creates failure.

  5. Each day, raise yourself to a new standard. Pick one now.

  6. The greatest gift you can give someone else, is the ability to open up their mind, to seeing new things are possible, that weren't previously possible before. The difference is perception.

  7. There is an old saying: The thinking that got you into your mess, is not the same thinking that can get you out. You must change your thinking, to transcend your current situation.

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Article Submitted On: April 17, 1998