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Top 7 Reasons To Offer A Legal Service Plan To Your Employees

By Jennifer Anderson

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  1. Decrease Absenteeism - Almost half the employees who take time off from work do so to deal with problems that are either legal or legal-related. (LSK Associates, 1985)

  2. Increase Productivity - With a legal team a toll free phone call away, legal problems won't be fodder for the gossip mill looking for a legal reference. Your employees can access quality legal representation qualified to handle their specific problem without making an economic decision.

  3. Save You Money - Legal services can be used for your personal or professional applications. How much do you pay per month for legal counsel? What would it be worth to you to be able to access the legal advice you need day to day?

  4. Recruit and retain quality employees. In this increasingly competitive economy, employers who offer a pre-paid legal service benefit protect their human resources, reducing your administrative overhead. For between 8 cents to less than 15 cents per manhour, you can provide this benefit or make it accessible to your employees through payroll deduction. Either way, you'll be putting yourself in company with 19 of the top 100 companies to work for that do offer legal service plans.

  5. Fulfills a need. The average person is three times more likely to find him or herself in court than in the hospital, yet most people have health insurance, but no plan for legal problems (Hospital Statistics: Emerging Trends, 1996 & Examining the Work of State Courts, 1996)

  6. Peace of Mind - One out of every two Americans will need the advice of an attorney during the next twelve months. Of these, nearly half will attempt to deal with the matter on their own. (Legal Needs and Civil Justice: A Survey of Americans, 1994)

  7. Present a progressive company image to your employees and the business community. Aligning yourself with such a valuable service before the masses do puts you and your company head and shoulders above the others.


    • Reduced Worker's Compensation Rates - by reducing careless accidents made by distracted employees. Resolving problems before they become crises can pay big dividends all around.

    • Save 15% on automobile insurance rates - if you have employees drive company cars, your rate may be based on their record. Having legal representation in traffic court can help keep records clean and rates lower.

Today's Top7Business Was Submitted By: Jennifer Anderson of Anderson & Associates, Independent Associate and Group Specialist for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

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Article Submitted On: March 12, 1999