Top 7 Reasons To Never Start Your Quest

By Dan Knapp

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Most people never start their wonderful quests. So sad but do you have to be that way? I don't think so. Any of these reasons sound familiar?

  1. I know it will work, for everyone else. But deep down I don't think it will work for me. I'm different. What works for the rest of the world just won't work for me. What's the message here? I don't think enough of myself to do what I know I could do. Better question: How can I pursue my quest and enjoy my growth?

  2. What will people think of me for trying? Who am I that I deserve the best? Who specifically holds you back? Not the generic "they" but a specific person whose opinion you value; whose judgment you fear. Who is this person for you? You know who it is. Say the name for once and for all. Better question: Do I owe my future to this person or to myself?

  3. Could I live with the new person I would become through success? You have a comfort level with your current persona. Any change will lead to a new persona. A new persona that you don't know, and may not identify. If you don't like this new persona, you may not have a way back. Better question: What great things can I expect from my personal changes? How will my life improve?

  4. What will others think of the person I become? People count on you to be the way that you are. If you change, you would need new friends and acquaintances. Do you want to make all these new friends and acquaintances? What happens to the old? True enough, the people you associate with expect you to remain as you are. Better question: What people can I associate with that will help me grow? Be kind to the old friends; but don't use them as an anchor.

  5. I'm just plain scared to death of a future out of my personal control. So am I. So is everyone. Better statement "Be not afraid," After all, what makes you think you control your future right now?

  6. I'm unlucky. My whole house of cards will come down upon me. Get Real! Life is not about you. You are a small player an uncaring cosmos. You are not a victim of bad luck but of random variation. Better approach: Pay attention to the good things, don't dwell on the negative.

  7. It's just plain too much work. OK, you win that one. Accept it and, by the way, no more complaining.

    Do any of those statements sound familiar? They should. You tend to use them or a variation of them every day. The statements all contain a tacit assumption: if you don't do anything to change, at least you can count on keeping what you already have. The assumption is 100% false. In truth, you need to continuously change just so that you can keep up with the life you choose to lead. You tend not to notice the caravan leaving the castle while you snooze. But leave the castle it will. The good news is that if you don't start your quest, you may get lucky and die before you realize what you have missed. That's the only way to beat the system. Get on with your quest!

Dan Knapp, MBA & Personal Coach.
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Article Submitted On: May 25, 1999