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Top 7 Reasons To Issue Your Own Id Badges

By Linda Martin

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Almost everybody today needs to take some kind or other of identification to work in order to be allowed into the company’s premises. However, even though ID cards are growing in popularity and they are increasingly adopted by large international corporations, medium sized companies and small business organizations, there are still many business owners and managers who rely on third party outsourcers to provide their staff members with their ID card.

Here are 7 convincing reasons to issue your own ID badges:

  1. It saves you time: Hiring outsourcers implies spending lots of time looking into different budgets and attending meetings with prospect providers.

  2. It saves you money: Issuing your own ID badges ends up being much more affordable than working with third party professionals that usually charge you very high fees for additional changes you want to introduce in the design or for printing only a few identification cards.

  3. ID badges can be tailored suit: It is easier to customize to the detail your ID badges when you have full control of the card printing process.

  4. It keeps you safe from identity theft: Having your own ID card system means that you do not have to share your company’s or employees’ sensitive information with strangers who may misuse it to their own advantage.

  5. It builds brand awareness: Having your own ID badges lets more people know about your logo, your company and the products or services you offer.

  6. It builds a sense of community: Employees are proud of wearing in house made ID badges and seeing other co workers wearing them makes them feel as members of a stronger community.

  7. You can print as many badges as you need: It is easier to keep everybody identified in your company as you can print as many ID cards as you need to.

Linda Writing about ID badges.

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Article Submitted On: January 07, 2012