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Top 7 Reasons To Host a Seminar

By Ed Craine

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In an increasingly competitive business world, complete with inklings from top economists that we may be heading for a recession, itís vital that business professionals plan ahead for leaner times. Part of your plan to help ensure continuing success in the New Year ought to include hosting seminars. While the thought of hosting seminars may terrify you; when you consider all of the benefits that hosting seminars will yield both personally and professionally, any trepidation you feel should begin to subside. Here are the Top 7 Reasons to Host a Seminar this coming year.

  1. Increases Your Visibility.
    Consider that in order for people to conduct business with you, they need to know who you are! Hosting a seminar is a great way to let more people know who you are and what you do. Visibility enhancement occurs through two primary mediums; the marketing of your seminar, and word of mouth. Through marketing your seminar (email campaigns, invitations, fliers, and calendar listings) your name is made visible to countless new people. Word of mouth visibility is derived from attendees telling others your name. This can happen when they tell friends or colleagues that they plan to attend your seminar, or after the seminar when they share with others what they learned.

  2. Positions You As An Expert On A Specific Subject.
    When you host a seminar you in effect, position yourself as an expert on a given topic. After all, you wouldnít host a seminar on a topic you knew nothing about! People will begin to associate your name with specific subject matter via two main methods. They will make the first association through reading a calendar listing or flier announcing your seminar. Then, the second association will be cemented after people have attended your seminar (where you will have demonstrated your expertise.)

  3. Positions You As An Expert On Related Subjects.
    By hosting a seminar, you reap the added benefit of being viewed as an expert not only on the specific subject you cover in your presentation, but on related subjects as well. As an example letís say that youíre a financial planner, and youíve decided to host a seminar on ďMutual Funds: How To Make Them Work For You.Ē By hosting this seminar, attendees first associate your name and expertise with investing in mutual funds. However, the second association they are liable to make is that as a financial planner you probably donít recommend that your clients put all of their money into mutual funds, so you undoubtedly have expertise in other investment options as well.

  4. Improves Public Speaking Skills.
    Thereís no getting around the fact that public speaking is intimidating to the majority of people. However, as a result, good public speakers are highly sought after individuals. Obviously, the more seminars you host, the better youíll become at speaking in front of live audiences. As you progress in your skills, donít be surprised to find that attendees begin asking you present a seminar to their clients or even their companies. By taking advantage of this opportunity, youíll be given yet another opportunity to introduce yourself as an expert to even more people.

  5. Allows You To Educate Others.
    This reason for hosting a seminar is so obvious that it is easily overlooked. Hosting a seminar allows you to share valuable information with others, which may just make a positive impact in their lives. Whether youíre informing them on a new product that will benefit their families, instructing them how to live healthier lifestyles, or simplifying subject matter that may seem illusive; your seminar allows you to educate others. That in and of itself is a personal reward, but it will also lead to professional rewards.

  6. Generates New Business Leads.
    By hosting a seminar, you automatically earn business leads, just from those who attend. While itís unlikely that everyone who attends your seminar will immediately want to conduct business with you, you may find that at least one or two attendees are eager to discuss your services in a later meeting.
    If nothing else, you will at least have potential business leads to follow up with in the days following your seminar.

  7. Provides Opportunity To Earn Referrals.
    Referrals can make or break your success, particularly in an economic downturn. When you decide to host a seminar, youíre opening the door to invite in referrals. Although your attendees may not have need for your particular service; when you follow up with them after the seminar, they may refer you to someone who does.

Ed Craine is CEO of San Francisco based Smith Craine Finance (http://www.smithcraine.com ). He was appointed Vice President of CAMB in 2007. Ed serves as an Executive Director for BNI, and is a contributing author to several NY Times Best Selling Books. He is also the founder of the forthcoming website [http://www.SeminarSystemsThatWork.com]

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Article Submitted On: November 20, 2007