Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Small Business Marketing Consultant

By Jay Lipe

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Is your small business ready to hire a small business marketing consultant?

If you’re like most small businesses you’re not sure. But here are 7 of the best reasons to hire a small business marketing consultant…

  1. You have a marketing project that’s beyond your staff’s knowledge – I recently helped a client in the consumer durables industry launch 1) a practical, workable marketing plan and 2) an internet marketing based set of tactics. The client turned to me because I have in-depth knowledge in each of these areas and also because I could transfer that knowledge to the client.

  2. You face a critical marketing project that exceeds your in-house resources – If getting a critical marketing project out the door is of utmost importance, why not bring in some interim marketing help? This is especially effective if, after the project is completed, either a full timer is hired or the workload returns to normal.

  3. You need an outside marketing perspective – Most growing companies can benefit from an outside assessment of their overall marketing effort. A good small business marketing consultant can come in, knock out the marketing project, and go away, without disrupting your staff. Outside eyes keep a marketing effort fresh.

  4. Your expertise is not in small business marketing – Your expertise may be in financial planning, or outsourced human relations work, or manufacturing wood components. But the sad fact is that most small business owners have a functional expertise that is not marketing.

  5. You need someone to drive your small business marketing forward – A good small business marketing consultant shows up to work on your marketing. When you see that person in the lobby, or get on the line with them for a group coaching session, you know you’ll be talking about marketing. This is a little like hiring a personal trainer. When you show up at the gym, that person is all business. Same with a small businesses marketing consultant.

  6. Homegrown marketing looks too….well…homegrown – I can usually tell when a small business’ marketing is homegrown. There’s a preponderance of vague messages, cheesy artwork and poor production values. All these will get the attention of your market, for the wrong reasons. Turn to a professional small business marketing consultant to help your company stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

  7. Focus your small business marketing efforts – Too often when I work with my small business marketing clients, they lack focus. Like most people, they’re great at creating ideas, but fall off sharply when it comes time to execute. Part of the reason for this is a lack of focus; they have too many ideas and so aren’t sure where to start. . If the small business would just focus on a few marketing ideas and implement those relentlessly, they’d find themselves better off. Hire a small business marketing consultant who can help you focus on only the most important marketing ideas.

Jay Lipe has been a small business marketing consultant since 1994. He is president of EmergeMarketing.com, a firm that has helped hundreds of businesses grow through strategic marketing.

He is also the author of two marketing books: "The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses" and "Stand Out from the Crowd: Secrets to Crafting a Winning Company Identity".

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Article Submitted On: October 22, 2007