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Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Life And Business Coach

By Maria Marsala

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  1. Clean sweep stress from your life.

  2. Open more free time.

  3. Accelerate your growth.

  4. Have a balanced life that works well.

  5. Make better life and business decisions.

  6. Reach your full potential.

  7. Implement a life (business or marketing) plan.

Maria Marsala, who can be reached at , or visited on the web at www.coachmaria.com. Maria Marsala wants you to know: I am a trained coach, experienced consultant, mentor, teacher and published author. I enjoy working with adults and teens who want to be able to look at the different areas of their lives and feel their hearts smile. The name of my business is "Maria's Place for Holistic Evolution". Visit my web site for lots of interesting information!

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Article Submitted On: October 11, 2000