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Top 7 Reasons Smart Managers Purchase Premium Quality Lighting

By David E. Rockett

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“Profit is in the details”. Surprisingly this is true of Lighting. Below are SEVEN reasons you should use premium-quality lights in every environment you, your children, and your parents live. Good lights make a big difference.

  1. Saves Money.

    Add up all costs (initial price, labor, electricity, maintenance, environmental disposal…) and you save money buying premium-quality lamps that are guaranteed in writing to last you a minimum of 60 months. Why “settle” for cheap, dim, yellowish lamps that burn our quickly – when premium-quality saves you money?

  2. Saves Liability Suit(s).

    How many people must fall off a ladder before you have a BIG Liability problem? Only ONE! Figure one ladder climb per fixture (2-4 lamps each) – 25 fixtures = 25 ladder climbs; 1,000 fixtures = 1,000 ladder climbs. That’s an injury and lawsuit waiting to happen. Long lasting premiums bulbs keep you OFF the ladder, and slash your liability exposure 75% to 90% of what it is with cheap bulbs.

  3. Saves 42-56% Lighting-Utility Expense.

    If you have a $5,000 monthly utility bill, $1,000 of it (20-40%) is for lighting. Retro-fit your lighting and save $560-$420 of that $1,000 every month. That’s $5,000--$6,700 yearly PER LOCATION. Think “ten-year ROI” and premium-quality lamps save you real money. Cheap bulbs cost franchisees and large office buildings far more than that know.

  4. Environmental SOLUTION – Not Problem.

    Is your lighting choice part of the environmental problem of mercury poisoning – or part of the solution? Every cheap bulb contains 40-48 milligrams of mercury – a poison federal law calls Hazardous Material. Premium-quality lamps are Earth-Safe, dumpster okay, passing all TCLP tests. With 4.2-3.8 milligrams of mercury per bulb they’re an environmental solution – not more of the problem.

  5. Healthy Children & Seniors.

    What’s the health of your children or elderly parents worth? The science of Photo-biology discovers almost daily new reasons to use full-spectrum lighting, and to toss “cheap” lights. Full-Spectrum lights improve learning, attitude, mood, pituitary and hypothalamus activity, calcium absorption, ADD children and a host of other health problems. Cheap florescent lights might prove to be the cause of many health problems we are just now learning about.

  6. Promotes Beauty & Productivity.

    Studies strongly suggest that premium-quality full-spectrum lights increase productivity by 10-15%. They also make your stores, offices, and senior homes appear brighter and cleaner. Why settle for the mediocrity of cheap lighting when premium-quality lamps deliver so much more?

  7. Cheap-Buyer’s Remorse.

    Ever regret buying something you knew was cheap? Maybe it was cheap tires, cheap wine, or a cheap steak, but in the end, it was a nightmare. But you did it anyway because of the low price, and ignored the problems that would bite you later. Don’t do this with your lighting. Rather than suffer with a bad decision – premium-quality lights will rewarded with daily for years of bliss because you paid a bit more up front for quality.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=David_E._Rockett

Article Submitted On: November 22, 2004